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20 Web Design Tools for Developer and Designer

I always say that when it comes to the world of web development, things are changing rapidly and before you learn one thing, something else gets introduced. This is what I love about this world however, with the evolvement in technology; adjusting with the change is not an easy task because changes will definitely bring an upset and a few problems. The advantage of these changes is that developers work effortlessly to come up with problem solving techniques for fellow developers and designers. Obviously, different developers will come up with an expert solution in their respective field.

As a result, now we have lots of small web design tools and libraries for developers, especially designed to solve various problems that developers have to face during web development. Obviously, not every tool that is being introduced will turn out to be useful but most of them are.

Today, we have compiled a handsome list of such designer tools and developers tools that represent the fact that developers have learnt to outdistance their problems and are working towards broadening the horizons of their creativity. Let us take a look at the list of web design tools and i am quite confident that you will love this compilation.

My Styles

My Styles

Isn’t it annoying when you want to make changes into your webpage style, and you are unable to do so? Yes, it can be done through Firebug but the changes revert back to the original as soon as you refresh the page. If you want to change things permanently, you should install My Styles. This extension is for chrome.



This is perfect for building responsive websites because it contains a set of rules that will make everything on your website of a right size. Also, if you are a regular user of Sass and Compass functions, you won’t find learning it difficult.

Bootstrap Expo

3. Bootstrap Expo

Web designers look for inspiration in order to keep going and a good way to get inspired is through someone else’s website. If you are one of those designers who build a website on top of bootstrap, then this is for you. You will find the best implementations of framework.



If you are looking for reusable Less mixins, Less Hat is perfect for you. The advantage of Less Hat is that it contains a set of Mixins which others don’t. You will also find CSS3 features into the libraries and by using Less Hat, you can identify which prefix should be included or excluded in your website.

Responsive Nav


This is basically a lightweight JavaScript library that will help you in turning your web page’s navigation into toggle navigation. This is being practiced a lot these days and is becoming a hit too. Also, this plugin can work independently.



FESS stands for Fat Expanded Style sheet and this is basically a tool that will allow you to increase your CSS’s shorthand property and turn it into an individual one.  I personally find this tool to very well-designed and it can help you in making a lot of money since you can charge per line of code.



Having a good grasp on JavaScript these days is very important however, you will find a bulk of information available on the internet, related to JavaScript. If you are looking for particular information related to your skill, you will have to dig in deep and it can be time consuming. In order to resolve this issue, I would recommend SuperheroJs as it has the best collection of JavaScript for all sorts of developers.

Adobe Edge Reflow

Adobe Edge Reflow

Anyone who is looking for an alternate of code editor should try Adobe Edge Reflow. This will save you from coding responsive websites via code editor as I understand it can get annoying. What distinguish Adobe Edge Reflow from other web editors is the special components in it to accommodate the building of responsive websites.

Spiffing CSS


CSS is being widely used however, by default, it contains US English vocabulary. With spiffing CSS tool, you can change the default language i.e., from US English to UK English.

Web Development Estimator


The name is self-explanatory and this is indeed a very good tool for all the freelance workers. This tool helps you in listing items that you provide as a service along with the price range. You can save it in a PDF format and it is all set for you to send it to a client. This tool is excellent however, it supports limited currency Symbols so if you are not dealing in Dollar, Yen, Pounds or Euro, you might find it useless.

Lorem Pixel


In order to design prototypes for print design or web design, this tool allows you to generate dummy images. You can also adjust the size of images and you get a huge variety of categories to select dummy images from.



We all know that responsiveness is getting popular with every passing day. Web has totally gone responsive and with all this, email services have also gone responsive. With Antwort, you can send our build an email that is a responsive one. The layout is nice and it supports all the email giants.



Looking to manipulate colors? Well Sass was your answer until the introduction of SassMe. With SassMe, you can visualize color combinations instantly. You can adjust the colors thanks to sliders it provide. You will totally love this tool if you like to play with colors.

JQuery Mention Input


If you are a regular Facebook or Twitter, you would be familiar with tagging functionality. I personally love this feature as we can mention out friends wherever we want. If you want your website to have this functionality, you can do it by this plugin i.e., JQuery Mention Input.



This is basically a font for dummy website and wire framing. Some people do not like using the regular Lorem Ipsum so for such people, this is a great alternative.

Color Contrast Ratio Calculator


This tool has been introduced by a CSS guru Lea Verou and it helps you in calculating the contrast ratio. It will save you from coming up with bizarre color combinations. So, if you want to fulfill WCAG standard, use this tool for color contrasts.

Browser Diet


Yes, the title is interesting but this tool will not make you slim as it is a diet for browsers. It provides a list of tips that can help you in improving your website’s performance.

Browser Hacks


Since each browser has its own way of handling CSS properties and JavaScript, your web page will come across as a little different on all browsers. If you want to get rid of this issue, try Browser Hacks.

CSS beautifier


Well, a lot of similar tools are available online but I personally think that this one is much better. This comes with a simple and near interface and it goes without saying that output is generated instantly.



Mou is a designated editor that has features like auto save, powerful actions, auto pair,CSS export, syntax highlighting, and HTML  a lot more. The best thing about this tool is that the interface is pretty simple and consists of only two columns. The results are displayed instantly as well however, the drawback of MOU is that it is only available for OSX moment.


The above mentioned web design tools/plugins/libraries are very helpful for designers and developers. If you are aware of a good tool that has not been mentioned here, please feel free to share it with us.

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  1. Thx for this quick overview. I didn’t know all of these projects and some are really promising. “Antwort” could be helpful, i will take a depper look ⊙﹏⊙


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