The Web Design Trends That Are No Longer Trendier

For better or worse, web design trends keep fluctuating at a breakneck speed. What’s insanely in vogue today might as well turn obsolete in a few weeks, and this spreads out to just about every web design trends that is out there.

outdated web design trends

Talking of the obsolete trends, there are plenty lying around. And despite their outdatedness, some webmasters are more than keenly seizing them, and leveraging the same for their websites. Let’s take a glance at some of the web designing trends that need to be given a much-needed farewell:

The “Bam! I am here” Pop Ups


Pop ups have been a part of Internet from as long as we can remember, but despite their age, their relevancy has hardly mattered. The web designing realm gives you a stockpile of options to try in order to grab an Internet user’s attention, pop up just happens to be one of the most ineffective options among them. More often than not, they do exactly the opposite and end up annoying the site’s visitor and forcing them to navigate off.

The Phony Stock Photos

The world is not as happy a place as the stock photos might have led you to believe. Smiling faces at work, gleaming faces at home, merry-making faces at restaurants – that more or less sums up the stock photography. In the real world, we live our lives a tad too differently. The world is by no means and sad and gloomy, but it’s certainly more “real”. Not everyone has a perfect jaw, aka those models in the pictures. When you really wish the visitors to not ignore your pictures, start giving them some less contrived stuff.

Flash Looks too Tacky Now – and it’s Unresponsive

Back in those days, it was “good tacky”! Not anymore. Flashes no longer look  exuberant, they only give an impression of a website trying too hard to pull the users’ attention. But more than the tackiness of it, it is the fact that flashy designs are given a real hard time to people accessing your website on their mobile devices or on desktops with weaker Internet connections. You can’t filter your visitors based on speed, you need to cater to all. There may be a large enough chunk of your target audience using slow Internet connections, and flash on your website will only render it load further slowly on their browsers.

Apart from the speed, there are compatibility issues as these flashes do not work properly with the operating systems of the mobile devices and even in the cases they do, they don’t display clearly on the smaller screens.

Videos that Autoplay


Videos that start playing all of a sudden only compel the users to hit the close button, in the best case scenario, on the video, or worse, of your website’s window. Yes, the videos do add to the content of any particular post, but only when you give your users a choice to view or not view them. When you are force feeding it, your users have the choice to navigate off your site and be rest assured, they do exactly the same on websites with autoplay videos.

Unendingly Long Content

Granted, the website is meant to educate your potential audience about your brand, but the same can be done with lesser number of words. Adding a whole literature on the website’s homepage and the subsequent pages won’t make a positive difference to the readability quotient. On the Internet, people are used to scan the content, particularly when it comes to promotional content, which is what the firm’s official website is about.

Hire people who know how to send your brand message across in a manner most crisp and comprehensible. When you have a content team that is capable enough to curate words smartly while ensuring the domain relevancy, you are already there before you realize. Taglines scattered all across the website would really help your purpose to catch the user’s attention and introduce your brand to them. Of course, the content shouldn’t have a lot of jargon if you are appealing to the mass. And if your customers belong the people from industry, having layman’s content won’t work. Communicate the same with the writers so that they can get the tone right on the mark.

Too Many Ads

Too Many Ads

They may not be pop ups, but too many ads on screen only add to the spammy-vibe of your website. They may not hamper the user experience directly, but they do give out an impression of the website being run by a brand they can’t possibly trust. And this alone can serve to be nothing more than a nasty burn on your business.

Keeping up would always do your business better than catching up. And laying back, resting on the out-of-date will only make you that – out-of-date.

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Written by Maria Mincey

Maria Mincey is a prolific writer, who brings to the table a quantum of knowledge around Web Design and Web Development Services. She works for Xicom Technologies, an Outsource Web Development Company which delivers most comprehensive web applications and solutions for different industry verticals.

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