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Giant bean bag beds: are they comfortable?

I had a friend recently get a giant bean bag bed, and I wanted to know just what the deal was with them. The first thing I asked him was if it was comfortable, and his response really opened my eyes.

Giant bean bag beds

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Not only are these fun beds comfy, they actually are better for your posture than a lot of other similar options out there. In fact, my friend was so effusive with his praise for his bean bag bed, I ended researching them, and then buying one for myself and my family. I’ve had such a positive experience with bean bag beds that I put together the following article titled Giant bean bag beds: are they comfortable?

When planning our families recent reunion I let my relatives know we have a giant bean bag bed, a futon, and a pull-out couch waiting for them when they arrive. Having family staying can be stressful under the best of circumstances, so having a good place for our guests was very important to me and my wife and kids. Of all the options my visiting family had for sleeping arrangements the giant bean bag bed was the most popular, hands down. It’s just a fun and comfortable piece of furniture that begs to be sat on, slept  on, and napped on. We put in our kids video game room, and that was the most popular spot for guests of all ages to hang out in.

You probably had a bean bag growing up, and have some fond memories of lounging around on it. These things are so fun and these days they are a real novelty. A high quality bean bag bed will feel like a real bed but with a fun twist. The best kinds of bean bag chairs, like my friend had that caught my eye, can convert into a giant bed too. The highest quality giant bean bags turn into giant bean bag beds. Once these bean bag chairs open up and unroll, they become just like a really nice air mattress. But better than an air mattress these don’t need to be inflated, and they have that bed-like feel that a plastic mattress does not have. 

So, if you have guests coming, or if you just love the feel of beanbag chairs and want a convertible mattress for guests, this may be the perfect thing for you. The one I bought sits in my kids game room, and we convert their game room to a guest room when we have friends or family stay with us. My kids use the bean bag all the time while playing video games, and having a nice bed stored in the guest room is just perfect. Once our guests check out their options when staying with us, they all fight to use the bean bag bed, it’s just so comfortable and fun to sleep on. 

A convertible bean bag bed is a popular riff on the bean bag chair. Inside the bean bag chair, there is a mattress shaped bean bag that can be laid flat to create a temporary mattress. If your bean bag bed is designed with a proper height to base diameter ratio, it can provide a complete back support and is not really bad for your back or spine. In order to use the bean bag bed, all you have to do is unzip the cover and flip it out.

These giant bean bag beds are not only nostalgic and fun, they are extremely comfortable and provide a great sleeping experience when converted to a bed. There’s something about the bean bags softness that is just much more conducive to sleep than plastic air mattresses or uncomfortable sofa material. And we not only use our chair as a bed when guests arrive, we sit on the giant bean bag bed when it is zipped up and looks just like a regular bean bag. So, if you would like a nice place for guests to sleep that doubles as a giant bean bag, then check online for giant bean bag beds today!

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