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Quarter Zip Pullover Vs. Full Zip: Which One is Right for You?

The Quarter Zip


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The quarter zip pullover Is a unique addition to any man’s wardrobe. Although it is unique it is also a piece of wardrobe that has been around for quite a while. 

It’s an easy replacement for the sweater. Just zip it down and pull it over and you’re ready to go. It’s an easy on the go sweater that also allows you to cool off if necessary. 

It can be worn very casually or it can be worn in a more dressed up look. The more dressed up look includes wearing it with a button-down collared shirt. 

The button down collar shirt underneath the half zip pullover makes a very dapper look. The quarter zip pullover is great for layering. 

You can even add a vest on top of this quarter zip pullover. 

If you want to take the half zip pullover to the next level add a tie to your button up collared shirt. Pair this with some khaki chinos and dress shoes for a fashionably preppy look. 

The high collar on the quarter zip pullover makes great framing to bring attention to the neckline and face. 

With this piece of wardrobe all eyes will be on your money maker. It’s a sure way to dress up without making it look like you tried too hard. 

If it happens to be cold outside just go ahead and slap on a vest. The layers with the half zip pullover will give you an affluent look. 

This is a trend that has been around for a while now and will keep on going because of its versatility.

Full Zip


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The full zip allows you to wear it open with a plain white T-shirt underneath. 

This will give you a very classic open zipped casual look. It also makes it very easy for you to get in and out of this garment. 

If you plan on going from outdoors to indoors this may be the zip for you. 

Another great reason to go with the full zip is that it allows you to accessorize with many different jackets. 

The denim jean jacket is a great jacket to accessorize with this full zip down. Just leave the zip down and open underneath the denim to accentuate the layers and colors. 

This gives a much more laid-back and relaxed look. If you are going for a more casual look in a casual setting this is the look for you. 

Rather than going with the half zip pullover which is a more casual formal wear, this option allows you to be hip and trendy without looking too dressed up. 

It’s a casual comfortable way of walking around town and hanging out with your friends. 

If you are more of a relaxed man who doesn’t care about appearances this look is an easy no brainer. 

With the full zip all you have to do is throw it on walk out the door and do whatever the hell you want. After all it looks good and you don’t even have to think about it. Just be you. 

However if you are more of a clean-cut man and prefer formal settings with more of an affluent crowd the quarter zip pullover is the garment for you. 

Hopefully these two explanations of the quarter zip pullover and the full zip have made it more clear as to which piece of wardrobe to go with. 

Needless to say though they are both great decisions. It really comes down to personality. 

It depends on how you see yourself and where you see yourself going. 

So before rockIng either of these choices make sure you know where you want to go and what you want to get out of life today.

By Krisna Garcia (an aspiring writer from California, looking to grow her portfolio and build her specialization and expertise on beauty, lifestyle and health)

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