3 Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Perth, Australia

Did you know that most people would choose not to go on a second date with someone who has crooked or unattractive teeth?

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Our smile is a vital part of the first impression we give to the world. In an instant, people will judge how smart and educated we are.

There are many reasons your teeth may look less than their best. Maybe you have lost teeth along the way or could not afford cosmetic dentistry when you were younger.

As we age, our smiles go through wear and tear, and we may find ourselves with stained and chipped teeth.

Keep reading to learn three types of cosmetic dentistry services that Perth dentists offer.

1. Teeth Whitening

One in four Australians cannot live through the day without a cup of coffee.

This delicious habit is responsible for staining your beautiful teeth. No matter how straight and perfect your smile is, if you drink tea, coffee, wine, or soda, you will eventually see a change in the color of your teeth.

Dull and discolored teeth will make you look older than your years.

Cosmetic dentists in Perth offer teeth whitening that can brighten up your smile.

You have different options available to whiten your teeth. You can have custom trays made and use a bleaching material at home.

This method can take up to two weeks for the best results. It works well but can lead to tooth sensitivity.

Your cosmetic dentist may suggest you whiten your teeth with a laser procedure in their office. This is a rapid process that you can finish with only a few visits to the dentist.

2. Teeth Straightening

One of the best ways to get a better smile is to straighten your teeth.

Orthodontics has come a long way in recent years as new digital technologies have made it easier and less intrusive to straighten your teeth. Family and cosmetic dentistry now offer an array of teeth straightening solutions.

For severe cases, traditional metal braces may still be the best way to go. However, services like Invisalign allow you to wear clear trays that are far less visible.

With this method, your dentist will scan your teeth, and you will get a series of personalized trays. These will be changed every 10-14 days and will slowly pressure and shift your teeth into place.

You must be disciplined enough to wear them for most of the day. But, you can take them out to eat and wash them.

3. Dental Implants

Sometimes teeth break, get chipped, or need to be removed. This can be because of an accident or a root canal treatment gone wrong.

Dental implants are a great way to restore your smile. Synthetic teeth are fixed to your jaw, and you can eat anything you like once you have recovered.

If your smile is severely damaged, you can replace multiple teeth using a special technique that uses four anchors in the mouth.

All-on-four-implants found here are perfect for people who want a full smile makeover and don’t want to wear dentures.

Smile With Confidence With Cosmetic Dentistry

There is no need to hide your smile when someone pulls out a camera. A wide smile shows confidence and success. Your Australia dentist can offer a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry options to improve your smile.

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