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5 Important Considerations When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

The popularity of plastic surgery’s on the rise in the US. Need proof?

Approximately 18 million Americans underwent one cosmetic surgery procedure or another in 2018. And that, according to the same source, was around 250,000 more than the year before! Are you thinking of doing something similar?

Well, whether you’re having a facelift or a tummy tuck, you’ll want the best plastic surgeon for the job. Read on for 5 key considerations to help you find them.

Plastic Surgeon
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1. Board Certification

The most important factor to keep in mind is whether or not the plastic surgeon in question is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This means they’ve got years of experience in the field under their belt and have passed a wealth of exams to ensure they’re proficient in their craft.

In other words, you can feel far more confident that your well-being’s in safe hands.

2. Accreditation

Be sure to check that the plastic surgeon’s accredited as well. Another tell-tale sign that you’re dealing with a bona fide facility, accreditation means the surgeon(s) and their staff adhere to the strictest standards of care, equipment, safety, and so on.

Better still, it also tells you that the rate of serious complications and mortality from procedures is exceptionally low.

3. Experience

Board certification and accreditation are both crucial. But they don’t necessarily tell you anything about the surgeon’s proficiency with the specific procedure you hope to undergo. Why?

Because different cosmetic surgeons, like those at Premier Cosmetic Surgery, tend to specialize in particular operations, many of which vary to a considerable degree (e.g. breast augmentation vs nose reconstruction). That’s why you should always clarify the surgeon’s level of experience. If they’ve done the procedure countless times before, you can feel far more confident of a positive outcome.

4. Emotional Response

Imagine finding someone who has countless plastic surgeon qualifications and decades of experience. They’re board-certified, accredited, and, on paper, the perfect person to do your procedure. The only problem?

They make you feel uncomfortable, or something in your gut says they’re not quite right. In these instances, you’re better off looking elsewhere. After all, undergoing surgery’s a big deal, which means you should feel fully confident about the surgeon and their team.

5. Personality

Does the surgeon seem kind, friendly, and attentive? Do they seem genuine, caring, and compassionate? How about empathetic and good-natured?

You’re onto a winner if you answered “yes” to all of the above (assuming they fulfill the other criteria we’ve listed in this post)! If not, though, and their bedside manner falls short somehow, then we recommend going elsewhere.

Time to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

Millions of people undergo cosmetic procedures every year in the US. However, don’t be fooled! The popularity of plastic surgery doesn’t mean you can rely upon the first person you come across to do a good job.

With your well-being and money on the line, you have to be diligent in the search for the perfect plastic surgeon.

With any luck, the insights in this article will help you find them! To learn more about this important topic, browse the ‘Health’ section of the website now.

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