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6 Wedding Veil Styles to Know About

Getting prepared for your wedding should be one of the best times of your life. The planning can get hectic and the big day can fly by but take it all in and enjoy this time in your life. So many little details get put into planning a wedding from the venue to the bride alone.

Brides have so much to check off of their checklist just to make sure they’re fully ready to walk down that aisle. They need to find the perfect shoes, dress, accessories, hair style, makeup look, and even a veil. We can’t forget the veil!


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A veil is by far one of the most important accessories for a bride to find. You want to find one that completes your look, but also doesn’t get in the way. Veil options are explained by length and styles. So, how do you find the perfect wedding veil to complete your look? You’ll want to know about your options. So here we have the 6 wedding veil styles to know about before you make your choice.  

1. Bird Cage

When you think of a wedding veil, most brides-to-be think of a veil that flows down the back. However, the birdcage veil is different. It sits farther up on the crown of the head and typically covers the face partially at an angle or on the side. They are typically made of fabric netting or translucent tulle so even though the face is covered, it’s not obstructed by the veil.


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2. Cathedral Length

A cathedral length veil, also known as the showstopper, is known to be one of the most popular and elegant veil styles out there these days. They are perfect for a formal wedding and a dramatic entrance down the aisle as it falls gracefully behind the bride. Most cathedral length veils measure between 105 to 120 inches long. These days a lot of them are detailed with lace or some type of sparkle.


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3. Juliet Cap

A Juliet cap veil is not one of the more popular of the veil styles, but it’s definitely becoming more popular, especially with the more modern brides. It’s a veil that covers the crown of the head to the forehead and sometimes over the forehead to form a “cap” over the head. If you’re trying to pull off a vintage bride look then this is the veil you’ll want to stick with.


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4. Mantilla

The mantilla veil is a Spanish inspired veil that’s made of lace or silk. A truly elegant veil that is similar to the appearance of a shawl. Unlike most veils that are pinned to the heads, a mantilla is worn over the head and shoulders of the bride. The length options vary, but the style can’t be missed.


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5. Fingertip Length

This is another popular veil option among brides. The fingertip length styled veil is a mid-length veil that falls around the lower part of a bride’s waist. Typically, at the fingertips which is where it gets its name from. Brides looking to pull off an updo or flirty look should consider trying out a fingertip length veil for the big day. These are typically made of tulle but can also be found in lace.


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6. Chapel Length

 The chapel length veil style is most similar to the cathedral length wedding veil. However, it doesn’t trail as long as a cathedral veil. The Chapel length veil is long, but just long enough to reach the floor. The chapel length veil is known to be the most traditional of the wedding veils. It can be as simple as tulle or embellished with bling or embroidered. 


Source: Notonthehighstreet

By Krisna Garcia