8 Important Tips for Sending Someone Flowers

In the U.S, around 30% of a florist’s income comes from Valentine’s Day, but other popular events include Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Easter.

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Sending flowers is a thoughtful way to show a loved one you’re thinking of them and that you care. Perhaps there’s a special day coming up, and you want to send flowers to show your appreciation, but you’re not sure where to start.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are eight tips for sending someone flowers.

1. Find a Reliable Florist

Before we dive into how to send flowers to a loved one, it’s important to find a reputable florist first. Note, that the florist must deliver in your area and, if possible, with one-day delivery options.

Further, contact the florist and ask whether they can deliver to the recipient’s location, especially if it’s time-sensitive. It’s also crucial that the florist understands your budget so you can find the ultimate bouquet for your loved one.

If you’re struggling to find an excellent florist like Luvsolaflowers.com, then check reviews on their social media and third-party reviews such as Yelp. Don’t be afraid to contact previous customers directly as they will give you honest feedback about the service.

2. Understand the Etiquette of Sending Flowers

Familiarize yourself with flower etiquette so you make a statement with your gift.

For instance, if you’re sending a sympathy flower arrangement, decide whether to send them to the funeral home or directly to the bereaved. Also, avoid sending vibrant blooms, and instead choose white roses, lilies, and carnations.

When you’re sending get well soon flowers, choose bright, cheery flowers like daisies, peonies, and hydrangeas. But it’s important to note that many hospitals don’t allow fresh blooms as it increases the risk of infection. So when you do this, contact them to avoid any mishaps.

Further, send a smaller arrangement so it doesn’t overwhelm the room, especially if your loved one has been showered in gifts, and get well soon cards. Plus, it makes it easier for the hospital team to navigate the room.

If you’re showering your loved one with romantic flowers, then there’s no better classic than a bouquet of red roses. Or, to be unique, send the recipient their favorite flowers as it adds a personal touch. The same goes for birthday flowers.

Many people love sending flowers for the holidays, especially at Christmas. Although the traditional flower is the poinsettia, ask your florist for a themed bouquet that includes holly, mistletoe, and other winter foliage.

You could also gift flowers for Christmas decor, whether it’s for your recipient’s mantelpiece, dining room table, or front door. If you’re stumped for inspiration, then check out Instagram or Pinterest so you can spread that festive cheer.

3. Order in Advance

One of the most important tips for sending flowers is ordering them in advance. As a general rule, plan two weeks before the special date, especially if it’s during a special holiday like Valentine’s or Mother’s Day.

Plus, if you want to save, order in advance so you get a great deal on the best flowers.

4. Choose Long-Lasting Varieties

Overwhelmed by the many types of flowers?

Consider sending long-lasting blooms, especially if the recipient lives further away. It also means the flowers will survive the transport process and still be fresh when they land on your loved one’s doorstep. The best long-lasting flowers include chrysanthemums, zinnias, and alliums.

5. Consider the Recipient’s Allergies

A major consideration when you’re sending flowers is the recipient’s allergies. Figure out whether your loved one has allergies, or if you’re unsure, avoid blooms that have a high pollen count. This includes sunflowers, jasmines, and lilies].

Instead, show your love with less pollen-heavy varieties like tulips, irises, and periwinkles.

6. Check the Delivery Method

Another important factor to consider is your florist’s delivery method. The last thing you want is to arrange for a delivery person to personally hand over the flower arrangement, only to find they left it on a box on your loved one’s doorstep.

To avoid this, ask about the delivery method with the florist. You should also ask whether they use a third-party service so you can track the flower arrangement. Note, if you do have any special requirements, tell the florist straight away so you can figure out whether they’re the best fit for you.

Further, decide whether you want to attach a written note. This is a fantastic way to express your sentiment and tell your recipient who is sending the gorgeous blooms.

7. Choose a Weekday for Sending Flowers

If you don’t have a large budget, you can save money by sending flowers on a weekday. This is often cheaper for delivery charges compared to on weekends or special days. But only do this if you have the flexibility with the date.

8. Consider Seasonal Flowers

Aside from long-term varieties, you should also buy seasonal blooms.

As you browse through the florist’s website, check out spring flowers or best sellers as it shows they will be vibrant and fresh. Plus, seasonal flowers are often cheaper because the florist has an abundance of them.

Sending Someone Flowers Shouldn’t Be Hectic

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re confident about sending someone flowers.

Start by finding a reputable florist online, familiarize yourself with the etiquette of sending blooms, and order in advance to avoid disappointment. You should also choose long-long varieties of seasonal flowers so they’re fresh upon delivery. Happy ordering!

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