California Weed Laws: What You Need to Know

Using Marijuana had increased, among them, ages 18-25 had the highest rate.

Are you a California resident who wants to know more about weed laws? Marijuana has been legal for recreational use in the Golden State since the end of 2018 and it seems like the laws regarding it keep changing so you need to be careful.

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If you want to avoid a heavy fine or even jail time, you need to know what’s legal. Keep reading for a full breakdown of all the California weed laws so you can stay safe.

Weed Laws: Licensing Requirements

In the state of California, weed laws vary depending on individual locations. All cannabis products for medical and recreational use must be purchased from a licensed dispensary as stipulated by city and county laws. Every person using cannabis products and every business selling, distributing, or cultivating cannabis must obtain a state license.

Legal Age Of Purchase

The legal age of purchase for cannabis in California is 21 and over. All cannabis buyers must show a valid ID upon purchase, as well as any other required proof of age. Medical cannabis patients aged 18 and over may still obtain cannabis from their designated caregiver or dispensary provided they have the appropriate documentation.

Individuals aged 21 and over are legally allowed to possess up to 28.5 grams of flower or 8 grams of concentrates. Join Harvest to get all the relevant information on purchasing, consuming, and responsible usage of marijuana in the Golden State.

Taxation And Regulation

The state taxes marijuana growers and distributors, issuing a 15% excise tax and imposing a cultivation tax ranging between $9.25 and $14.25 per dry-weight ounce. The state has put in strict regulations on who can grow, purchase, and distribute marijuana. Any person found in possession, distributing, or consuming marijuana in public can be subject to legal action.

California Weed Laws are quite strict, but conversely, citizens can find ample access to marijuana as long as they operate within the confines of the law.

Marijuana Convictions

It is illegal to smoke marijuana in any public place, including parks, although some cities have adopted “cannabis-friendly” parks. Possession of greater quantities of marijuana is considered a misdemeanor unless the amount is deemed excessive, in which case a felony charge may be filed. Driving under the influence of marijuana also carries serious penalties and may result in a conviction for a drug crime.

If convicted of a marijuana crime, penalties can include a hefty fine, jail time, and, possibly, a driver’s license suspension.

Qualifying Medical Conditions

To purchase marijuana for medical purposes, a patient must present proof of a qualifying medical condition such as cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, or chronic pain as well as a doctor’s recommendation to use marijuana medicinally. The state also has a list of other qualifying medical conditions that qualify a person for possession or purchase of marijuana for medicinal use.

Understand The Responsible Use Of Cannabis

California has a unique set of rules and regulations when it comes to the use of cannabis. It is important to understand California weed laws before you make the decision to use cannabis. With that understanding, you can make an informed decision about your usage and the responsibility associated with it.

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