Everything You Need to Know About Psoriasis

If you’ve ever noticed inflamed, scaly patches of skin on your body and wondered what they are (and what you should do about them), psoriasis, an autoimmune disorder that causes such scaly rashes to form on the skin, may be the cause. While there are currently a number of treatments available for psoriasis, that’s not to […]

Why Body-Contouring Procedures Are Trending Right Now

Smoothing, shaping, and fat-busting procedures aren’t going anywhere, so here’s your guide to which treatment is right for you. As noninvasive cosmetic treatments become more advanced and more accessible, the demand for fat-reduction procedures has crescendoed from a whisper to a yell. In fact, there are more than a dozen noninvasive body procedures using several diverse technologies […]

So You Wanna Safely Remove Your Nose Hair…

Whatever you do, don’t pluck. More hair on your head? Amazing. In your nose? Not so much. While your first thought might be to reach for your tweezers, you could actually wind up doing more harm than good if you pluck it out. That’s because your nose hair (while definitely annoying) actually serves a purpose—it’s your bod’s […]

Want Glowing Skin and Shiny Hair? Eat These Foods

Achieving a healthy glow and glossy mane starts with what you eat. Here’s a roundup of ingredients that’ll enhance your skin and hair. Photo Credit: Pexels A daily intake of key nutrients is vital for healthy-looking skin and hair, says Rebecca and Reisha Harper (@harpernutrition_twins), twin sisters and registered dietitians with a special focus on […]

Charcoal – what does it do?

Discover the black magic benefits It does way more than make your bagel look Instagram-ready – the black stuff can ease indigestion, improve cholesterol, and, yes, soak up your flatulence… What is it? Activated charcoal is charcoal that’s been treated with oxygen to increase its porosity and surface area, and is the type usually found […]