Charcoal – what does it do?

Discover the black magic benefits It does way more than make your bagel look Instagram-ready – the black stuff can ease indigestion, improve cholesterol, and, yes, soak up your flatulence… What is it? Activated charcoal is charcoal that’s been treated with oxygen to increase its porosity and surface area, and is the type usually found […]

These are the world’s best natural beauty secrets

By Claire Higney It’s time to take things global The beauty business is an international industry worth billions, but it’s not just product innovation that drives the market. These days, beauty vloggers and Instagrammers mean trends from faraway places are more influential and accessible than ever. Whether it’s the Korean love of luminous skin or […]

The slow beauty routine you need today

Get the glow The key to a natural glow lies in a holistic approach, says slow beauty pioneer Shel Pink. This routine will help you slow down and find your inner glow. Your morning routine Regularise your sleep patterns Bringing your circadian rhythm back in line with nature by triggering the release of melatonin will […]

A top facialist reveals her skincare routine

Ever wondered how the experts keep their skin in tip-top condition? They have access to the fanciest products and latest beauty innovations, but what does a beauty insider actually use herself? To find out, we quizzed Kate Kerr, an acclaimed facialist with years of experience working with the skin, on her routine and the products […]