4 hairstyles to get your crowning glory off your face

The heat is on and the hair is up


Summer has arrived, and it’s time to find a stylish up-do hairstyle to get you through. Yes, there is an undeniable bliss in leaving your hair to fall freely, but in the warmer months, humidity and an increasingly active lifestyle can leave hair looking frizzy, dull and even greasy.

Thankfully, up-dos have gained popularity, with a whopping rise in Pinterest searches for styles such fishtail plaits (265%) and braided top knots (125%). To help you experiment, we’ve rounded up four video how-to guides for new, heat-defying hairstyles to keep your crowning glory out of your face.

The summer twist

This style is perfect for those who love their hair looking voluminous, and works with medium hair or longer. It could be a relaxed look for the daytime, while it’s also easily accessorised for the evening. Many Oscar go-ers have adopted similar looks to this one such as Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst.

The braid crown hairstyle

Braids are back in fashion in a big way. This is a simple, Grecian-style look for those with longer hair – lovely for a summer wedding or an alfresco party.

The high pony

Sometimes simple is sweeter. This look takes moments to do and is very easy to keep in. It works for all types of hair, of any length or texture. The best thing about this style is that the higher the pony, the taller you look – so even if you’re petite, you can fool people from afar.

The fishtail braid

Lastly, this fishtail braid is perfect for those who enjoy an undone, boho look. This is a great look for the summer as it is fun, casual and easy. If you have shoulder-length hair or longer, this works for you (or experiment with clip-in hair extensions for mermaid proportions).

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