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5 Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses to Consider for Your Big Day

Getting married is such an exciting and special time because it is a celebration of you and your future bringing two families together. Every bride is special in their own unique way possessing a sense of style that makes them who they are. Like every bride, wedding dresses come in different shapes and colors. If a traditional white wedding gown does not fit your style, then that is okay!

Today, the traditional long white wedding gown is not exactly a necessity for modern brides wanting to incorporate a splash of their personal style into their big day. Break the bridal mold with a beautiful ensemble that is true to who you are! White wedding dresses are classic, but they are far from being the only option. Keep reading and we will tell you 5 non-traditional wedding dresses that you should consider for your big day!  

1. Sport a Jumpsuit

Sport a Jumpsuit

Although wearing a gown can sometimes seem mandatory for your wedding day, it is not a requirement. For fuss-free brides who do not want to be bothered with mountains of tulle or never-ending trailing fabrics, a wedding jumpsuit is a great choice! Elegant, simple and stylish, jumpsuits make moving down the aisle a breeze and are extremely comfortable. Plus, you can always wear your jumpsuit again for formal events in the future – bonus!

2. Kill it in Black

Kill it in Black

Did you know that white wedding dresses only became the standard back in 1840 when Queen Victoria wore white to her wedding day? Break the mold! Probably one of the most dramatic choices for your wedding day look, a black gown embodies the essence of cool. If you are feeling a bit edgy then this might be right up your alley. Look for a black gown with lace and layers of tulle to keep it romantic. 

3. Two Piece or Crop-top


If you are not feeling a jumpsuit but are also not set on a full-length gown, then try a two-piece option! Crop-top wedding dresses allow the bride to expose a little bit of skin by showing off their midriff. Not only do these separates accentuate the waist, but they can be styled with a variety of options like different pants or skirts.

4. Cut it Short

Cut it Short

The traditional wedding gown is a long floor length dress that seems to effortlessly float down the aisle, but what if you mix it up a bit and opted for a short one? If you are a dancing queen, then you will find that a traditional gown can be quite restricting when you are trying to bust a move on the dance floor. Short gowns allow your legs to be free helping you to move with less trouble. Show off your legs and those expensive wedding shoes you purchased and pick a short gown!

5. Paint it Red

red dress

A red wedding dress is not only unique, but it is sure to be striking! Red is the color of love and symbolizes romance, good luck and happiness in a wedding dress. Not only does wearing red bring good fortune, but it also has a sexier side that many brides adore. If you are looking to stand out and want something a little different then a red gown is an ideal choice.

Every single bride is different than the next. We live in a society where the traditional white wedding dress became a staple when getting married, but today we now have options for each bride and their unique taste! If you are looking for something different, we highly recommend you give one of these 5 non-traditional wedding dresses a try!

By Krisna Garcia (an aspiring writer from California, looking to grow her portfolio and build her specialization and expertise on beauty, lifestyle and health)

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