Everything You Need to Know About Bamboo Fabric

Landfills in the United States received over 11 million tons of textile waste in 2018. Buying unsustainable materials for your clothing can lead to more waste and can harm the environment. If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to cotton and other fabrics, bamboo fabric is a great option!

Do you want to learn more about organic bamboo fabric benefits and what it can be used for? Keep reading this guide for everything you need to know about bamboo materials.

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What is Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fabric is used in a variety of eco-friendly and sustainable products, ranging from clothes to bedsheets. The materials are made from bamboo fibers and are a much more durable material than traditional materials and other fabrics. 

Because bamboo shoots grow quickly and can regenerate, the same bamboo plants can be continually harvested and used to create fabric. In fact, one type of bamboo can grow 1.5 inches each hour. 

By using bamboo for your fabric, you can create green products that fit any purpose!

How is Bamboo Fabric Made? 

Depending on the type of fabric and what it is being used to make, the methods may vary. However, most bamboo fabric use is bamboo viscose fabric. Bamboo fabric is made in a few different steps. 

The first step is to extract bamboo cellulose from bamboo shoots. To get the cellulose, the leaves from bamboo plants and the soft inner core of the trunk are crushed. 

Once these are crushed, the bamboo fibers need to be soaked. They are soaked in an enzyme solution. Finally, the bamboo fibers are washed and spun to create a yarn. This yarn is weaved into a material that can be used for many types of products. 

This method of creating bamboo fabric does not harm the environment. However, other methods are not sustainable and can be harmful. This is especially true when the bamboo fabric is made with a chemical process rather than a mechanical process. 

Bamboo Fabric Benefits

There are many reasons that bamboo fabric is gaining popularity. These have to do with the comfort of bamboo fabrics, the sustainability of bamboo materials, and more. 

Great For Those With Sensitive Skin & Allergies

One huge benefit of using bamboo fabric for your products is that they are great for people with sensitive skin or those who experience allergies. Because the fabric is so soft, it will not scratch or irritate those who have skin conditions. 

People with sensitive skin are often recommended to wear breathable materials that will not trap heat against their skin. Bamboo is a breathable and absorbent fabric option that can prevent irritation. 

Finally, bamboo is a hypoallergenic material! This means that it will resist allergens and can help people who suffer from bad allergies. 

Thermoregulating Fabric

If you are someone that easily gets hot or cold, bamboo clothing and sheets are something that may be able to help. Bamboo fabric is naturally thermoregulating. This means that it will adjust to your temperature. 

If you are hot, your clothes and sheets will help you feel cooler. If you are cold, bamboo fabric can help you feel warmer. Rather than buying separate bedsheets for the winter and summer months, you can buy a single product that will work for both. 

Sustainable Option

If you are looking for a way to help the environment, using sustainable products like bamboo fabric is one way you can do it. First, places that grow bamboo, like bamboo plantations, improve the air quality. In fact, bamboo produces more oxygen and absorbs more CO2 than trees. 

It is also much easier to grow bamboo. They do not require any chemicals or fertilizers to grow. They also do not need to be irrigated like other crops. Instead, they simply require rainwater. 

Finally, because the fabric is so durable, bamboo products can prevent textile waste from filling up landfills. 

Soft and Silky

One of the biggest benefits of choosing products made with bamboo viscose fabric is that it is a soft and stylish fabric. If you prioritize comfort in your clothes, bedsheets, and more, you may want to consider using bamboo fabric. 

In fact, many people enjoy bamboo fabric more than microfiber materials. To stay comfortable, try shopping from brands that use bamboo products. 

Durable Option

Bamboo is a more durable option! Bamboo shoots are known for being strong, and bamboo fibers are just as durable. They are flexible, meaning that your fabric is less likely to tear or wear down.

If you are looking for clothes that will last you for years to come, bamboo is a great option. 

Many Uses

Finally, bamboo has many great uses! It can be used for clothing, sheets, towels. Regardless of if you want to make sustainable changes to your home decor or if you want more durable clothing options, you can find a bamboo material that will work for you!

Learn More About Bamboo Fabric Today

Whether you want to buy bamboo fabric by the yard or if you want to find places that use organic bamboo fabric for their products, making the switch to this durable and eco-friendly option comes with many benefits! By switching to bamboo fabric, you can protect your sensitive skin, find clothes that last longer, and do your part to help the environment. 

If you want to learn more about clothing trends, we can help! Check out the other articles on our site to learn more about beauty and lifestyle products.

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