Everything You Need to Know About How to Buy an Engagement Ring Online

Did you know an estimated 230.5 million Americans are shopping online this year?

With more and more online stores opening up each year, you might find it more convenient to do all your shopping online. You can even buy an engagement ring online.

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This guide will explore everything you need to know before making such an important purchase. Keep reading to learn more.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget for daily expenses or big purchases is vital because it’ll help you organize your spending so you aren’t left with a ton of debt. While an engagement ring is an important purchase, you can still set a certain price limit on the ring.

The prices for engagement rings vary based on many different factors like the material quality and the jeweler you’re purchasing from. If you find a few rings you like, you can always ask the jeweler why it’s priced the way it is.

The craftsmanship might convince you to splurge a little more, or you might consider a more affordable ring. Whatever you choose, the decision is yours to make.

Research Different Jewelers

If you’re wondering how to buy an engagement ring online, you can start by looking for the right jeweler first. One of the easiest ways to make this choice is by reading customer reviews online.

You can start by looking at the jewelry website, there’s always a section with reviews. You can also search on social media and other review sites to ensure you aren’t reading biased reviews.

If you’re interested in getting to know the jeweler better, you can always contact them via their website. Setup a phone call or chat with them through email to help you determine if this is the right shop to design your engagement ring.

Determine the Style You Want

It’s also important to figure out the style you want early on in the process. If you’re getting this ring as a surprise for your fiancé, find out what kind of ring they’d like without asking them directly.

You can ask your partner’s friends or family to help you find the style they’d like best. You can also take a look at some of your partner’s jewelry to decipher the kind of engagement ring they’d like.

Check out WholesaleSparkle.com to take a look at the many different styles of rings you can choose from.

How to Select the Stone

Choosing the stone for your engagement ring online is a little different than going to see it in person. You can still choose based on the pictures on the website, however.

Make sure you see pictures of the stone from every angle before making a purchase. You can even request a video showcasing the ring up close if you want.

Set up a video call with the jeweler online so you can get a better look at the ring before making a decision. This way you’ll also get to ask all the questions you have. You’re the one making a lifetime purchase, you should be sure about the ring you choose.

Select the Cut You Want

Other important tips for buying an engagement ring include finding a perfectly cut diamond. The shape of the diamond you choose is a bit different. This includes choosing something with a round or oval shape.

The right-cut diamond can be identified by how well it interacts with light from various angles. This is why it’s important to see a video of the diamond before purchasing it. You want to choose a stone with the best shine for your special day.

Keep reading to learn about the rest of the four C’S that determine if you’ve chosen the right stone for your engagement ring.

Assess the Ring’s Clarity

Next on the list of the four C’s to look for when ring shopping is clarity. A ring with great clarity will be free of any internal or external blemishes.

Examine the images and videos of the ring’s stone closely. Zoom in as much as you can so you can find even the smallest of flaws. If you’re able to see a blemish through a picture, you’ll likely see it when you get the ring in person.

Look through a variety of diamonds until you find one free of any blemishes. You deserve nothing but the best for the most important day of your life.

Check Out the Color

The next item on the list of the four C’s of a diamond is the color. A quality diamond has no particular hue. When jewelers talk about the color of a diamond, they’re actually referring to its degree of colorlessness.

Under controlled lighting, a diamond will be given a D grade (colorless) or a Z grade (light yellow). Those diamonds with the D grade are the most valuable and will come at a higher price. This is something to consider if you’re working within a budget.

You can check the color of a diamond through the images and video provided. If you notice a yellow color under light, this is a sign of a lower quality diamond.

The Carat Weight Is Important Too

The carat weight is last on the list of the four C’s. This might be an important factor when choosing a diamond for your engagement ring if you don’t care about the price.

The larger the carat size, the rarer and expensive the diamond becomes. If you aren’t too concerned about carat weight, then you can focus on finding the right-cut diamond, one that’s colorless, and with zero blemishes.

With these selections, you can cut down on the price of the ring by requesting a lower carat size.

Choose From Many Different Metals

The next thing you should consider when buying your engagement ring online is the kind of metal you prefer. If you’re surprising your fiancé with the ring, pay extra attention to the jewelry they wear.

This will tell you which metal preference they have. Silver, white, yellow, and rose gold are a few examples of metals to choose from.

Consider white gold for a more traditional ring. If you want something more unique, and if your partner likes more color in their jewelry, rose gold is a great option.

Find the Right Size

One of the challenges you’ll have when shopping for an engagement ring online is buying the correct size. If you’re buying the ring for yourself, you’ll know your size well.

While you can guess your partner’s ring size if you’re buying it for them, it’s best to ask them. While resizing is always an option, you’ll enjoy putting a ring on your partner’s hand that fits.

Most online jewelry stores have sizing charts on their website. The majority of them use a universal chart, so they should be accurate.

Make Sure the Ring Is Certified

Another important thing to remember when buying jewelry online is that diamond certification is vital. Ensure the ring you choose has this before making the purchase.

Certification from an independent lab ensures the diamond you choose for your engagement ring is of the quality the jeweler says it is. Certification from the American Gem Society and Gemological Institute of America provides the most thorough grading.

Understand the Return Policy

Another thing you should do before buying your engagement ring online is read the return policy. With any online purchase, there’s always a chance that you won’t get the product you were expecting.

Make sure you know how long you have to make a return or get the ring exchanged. You should also check to see if the online jeweler offers free returns or if you have to pay for return shipping.

You should check the policy to see if you’re able to get all of your money back or if the jeweler only offers store credit. If you do end up needing a resizing, check to see if there’s an additional fee for it.

When you’re reading through the return policy, you should also take the time to check out the warranty the store offers. Is there a lifetime or limited warranty on the jewelry? These are good questions to ask.

Read Through the Shipping Requirements

When shopping for an online engagement ring, you should also check out the shipping policies. A quality jewelry website will offer shipping insurance so your engagement ring can make it to your home safely.

How to Buy an Engagement Ring Online Explained

If you’re wondering how to buy an engagement ring online, you’ll learn everything you need in this guide. Determine the style of ring you want first. You should then find a reputable online jeweler and read through their shipping and return policies.

Did you find helpful tips in this guide? If you did, check out some of the other blogs on our website for more.

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