Get the Look: The Latest Hair Color Trends of 2023

Changing the color of your hair can truly change your life, which is why about 75% of women choose to do it. While it may sound like an oversimplification, a new shade can give you a new look and give you a new outlook on life.

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The latest hair color trends are all about subtle yet statement-making colors. Hair professionals predict that this will be the year of low-maintenance color in eye-catching hues.

If you want to keep up with the popular hairstyles of 2023, keep reading for everything that you need to know.

Money Piece Statement

Even people who are afraid to change their natural hair color can have fun and take the leap into getting blonder hair. Focusing on the “money pieces” is a good option if you want the blonde look but don’t want to die all of your hair. Instead, try these flattering strands which sit right around the face.

This is a trend from last year that is definitely going to roll over into 2023 as one of the top hair fashion options. Regardless of your natural hair color, this look can add dimension and fun to your hair.

Personalized Platinum

Kim Kardashian is the queen of grunge roots with platinum ends. This trend is customized for each individual head of hair, and it is a little more high-maintenance than most other hair colors.

Salon Efrain can deliver the look that you want and bring out your inner beauty. Whether you prefer the icy white blonde look or blended-in roots, there will always be a need for platinum tones.


If you want to change your mane, but you want to do it without the pesky growing-out pains, you should opt for this style. Balayages focus on the ends and face-framing, rather than the roots. Your base hair color will stay the same so you will still be able to zest up the look without damaging all of your natural hair.


Cinnamon is a good way to change your brunette hair into something just a tad spicier. A perfect blend between red and brown, this will bring out so many different natural undertones and make everyone stop in their tracks when they see it.

Rich Chocolate

Brunettes who want to stay in their lane and those with naturally light hair colors can cross over to the dark side with the rich chocolate look. Colored hair can often look dry or brittle, but this technique can offer shine and an overall healthy look even after dying it. Rich browns are going to be a very popular hair trend in 2023.

Rock the Latest Hair Color Trends

Popular hair trends are changing faster than ever. Now that you know the latest hair color trends of this year, you can schedule an appointment to get the hair of your dreams and feel more confident in yourself.

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