How to Apply False Lashes Like a Pro

One way of really creating a dramatic look for your eyes is by using false eyelashes. These can make your eyes pop and add drama and glamour to your makeup.

However, it can be tough to know how to put on false eyelashes. And, when it’s not done right, your eyelashes can end up making you look like a clown rather than like the glam goddess you are.

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If you’re interested in learning how to apply false lashes like a pro, keep reading. This quick guide walks you through everything you need to know about how to put on fake lashes!

Figure Out Your Eye Shape

Before we dive into how to apply false eyelashes, let’s talk about what your eye shape is. This is a critical step in helping you figure out which eyelashes are going to be right for you.

There are several different types of eyes that you might have. Be sure to take. a look at your eye shape to get a clear understanding of what types of eyelashes will really enhance your appearance.

Deep Set Eyes

When your eyes are set back deeper into the head, they make your brow look more prominent. If you have this eye shape, you can use long eyelashes that fill out at the center.

Downturned Eyes

Another common eye shape is the downturned eye. These eyes seem to turn down at the corners of the outer edge of the eye. You can use shorter eyelashes to emphasize your eye’s shape.

Hooded Eyes

Eyes are called hooded when you can’t see the eyelid. To get a great look with this type of eye, use a short and thin strip lash to get a gorgeous yet natural appearance.

Prominent Eyes

If your eyelids are projected in your eye socket, you have prominent eyes. A great way to complement this eye shape is to use falsies on both the top and bottom lashes.

Determine if Your Eyes Are Close or Wide Set

Now that you know your eye shape, let’s take a look at how close or far apart your eyes are. This will also help you chose the right falsies for your face type.

The standard distance between the eyes is the width of one eye. If your eyes are closer together than one eye width, your eyes are considered close-set. You can make them look farther apart by using eyelashes that fill out at the outside corners.

If your eyes are farther apart than one eye’s width, you have wide-set eyes. You can complement this eye type by using lashes that are longer at the inside corners. This helps bring the eyes together.

Remove the Eyelashes from the Box

Now that you know which eyelashes to purchase from a reputable company such as Lavaa Beauty, it’s time to remove them from the box and get started. The first step is to carefully remove them from the tray.

Start by holding the box under your nose. The lashes should be facing outward. Doing this will help you determine which lash pairs with the left eye and which pairs with the right eye.

Next, start by peeling the eyelash out of the tray starting at the outer corner. You should never use the inner corner because you could damage them. However, the outer corner is usually trimmed to the shape of your eye anyway so damages aren’t as big of a deal.

Measure and Trim the Eyelashes

Next, it’s time to measure your eyelashes. For this step, gently rest the leash along your eyelash line. This will show you if you need to trim it down or not.

To help you properly measure the eyelash, you should be looking to see if the strip begins where your eyelashes start. If it’s too close to the inner corner of your eyes it can cause irritation.

Once you’ve measured the inner corner you need to measure the outer corner of the lash. You should trim them roughly 2-4 lashes from the edge of your eye so that they don’t pull your eyes down.

Now that you know where to trim your eyelashes, it’s time to grab the scissors and get to work. You should cut the lashes at the vein so that you don’t lose extra lashes by mistake.

Apply the Lash Glue

Now that your eyelashes are the perfect size and shape, it’s time to apply the glue. You’ll put a small amount of glue along the spine of the eyelashes.

Give the glue a few seconds to dry. Once it’s tacky, you’re ready to apply it to your natural eyelash. If you like you can add a few dots of glue on the lash line to help make the lashes last for longer.

Place and Bond Your Eyelashes

Finally, it’s time to place the falsies on your eyelid. Remember, the eyelash should be placed where your eyelashes begin naturally.

While looking down, press the lash strip against your eyelash line. Then, apply mascara to your natural lashes. Pinch them together and squeeze the lash down so that they blend together perfectly.

To finish off your look, apply eyeliner to balance out your eyes and really make them pop. Voilá! You’ve now successfully applied false eyelashes!

Learn How to Apply False Lashes Like an Expert

With the tips in this handy guide, you now know how to apply false lashes like an expert. Pretty soon, you’ll be an expert at putting on your falsies and rocking a night out.

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