How To Style A Plus Size Rectangle Shape Body

We have all been in a situation where we put on an outfit and think that it is going to look fantastic but instead, when we look at the mirror, our first thought is that we look like a door. If you feel that way, it is likely that you have a rectangle body shape. It is characterized as a straight silhouette with not many curves on the body. 

The shoulders and hips are of the same width and there is very little to no waist definition. The rectangular body shape is the opposite of an hourglass figure where the key of this body shape is curves and definition. A rectangle body shape has a straight silhouette with minimal flare. The rectangle shape also have a flatter bottom.

Rectangle Shape Body

The characteristics of a rectangle plus size body shape are:-

  • the shoulders, bust and hips are well balanced and have similar widths
  • the body is not particularly curvy as there are no curves especially in the midsection and the bottom half of the body
  • has longer legs
  • usually gain weight all over and it doesn’t gather in one area
  • smaller bust and butt

Plus Size Rectangle Body Styling Goal

The goal is to balance out the body by creating curves and break up the straight horizontal line. Go for clothes that define the waist and give the illusion of curves. Below are three general tips that rectangle plus size body shapes can keep in mind.

1. Defining the Waistline

In order to enhance your beautiful body shape, you need to define the waist. Adding a belt can do that. Avoid clothes that have drop waists or embellishments on the tummy. An important thing is to build up the visual appearance of your bust and hips with the right silhouette to soften the straight shape of the body. Try to play with different cuts to create curves. Looking for plus size empire waist dresses for wedding or other special occasion, check out Ever Pretty online store! 

2. Creating Your Own Curves 

Avoid shapeless garments and instead go for well-structured clothes to give the illusion of a curvier figure. Choose clothes that offer volume on top or the bottom but not both.

3. Use The Right Colors And Textures 

While black and navy are classics but don’t be afraid to play with colors, textures and prints. Do incorporate brigther hues and interesting textures to add intrigue when choosing clothes for plus size rectangle body shape.

Below are a few styling techniques you need to keep in mind in order to make the most of your body shape.

  • Go for silhouettes that extend the long vertical line
  • create a V-shaped silhouette
  • add volume where necessary on top or bottom
  • minimize or elongate big shoulders
  • try adding color to the top or bottom of your look but not around the waist. A solid-neutral color belt can help achieve this.

Rectangle Shape Body

4. Follow The Natural Silhouette

The most flattering silhouettes for this type of body shape are determined by the natural shape of your body.


  • add volume to the top half of your body
  • try a variety of textures and fabrics to add dimension and depth
  • implement accessories to add color and pattern throughout your entire look
  • break up your silhouette by choosing silhouettes that gently flare out
  • add color to the top half of the body


  • avoid shapeless clothing that will only accentuate all the vertical lines
  • avoid waistlines that are low or  are drop waisted as this will further lengthen the rectangle shape.
  • minimize or soften your shoulders
  • do not add a lot of volume/fabric to your lower half.  A slightly flared lower silhouette works but it can’t be too heavy or voluminous

Necklines That Go Well With Rectangle Body Shape

There are a lot of neckline options which you can choose and it depends on what part of your body you want to emphasize. There are necklines that can highlight your curves and there are necklines that will elongate your shape. You can play around with curvier necklines like scoop or jewel neckline to add some shape to your body or V-necks to draw the eye vertically. Depends on your style preference, you can also add visual to top half of your body by having embellishments around the neck like large collars or ruffles.  Necklines that go well are:-

  • V-neck
  • Plunging or wide V-neck
  • Sweetheart
  • Turtleneck
  • Scoop
  • Mandarin Collar
  • Bateau or Jewel
  • Cowl
  • Crew

Do avoid square necklines, wide boatnecks or one shoulder options that add strong horizontal and diagonal lines that emphasize your width.

Rectangle Shape Body

Best Type Of Sleeves For A Plus Size Rectangle Body Shape

When it comes to sleeves, don’t be afraid to play around with them too. The best style for rectangle plus size are sleeves that have open volume and are not completely fitted. ‍Do avoid slim, fitted sleeves or cap sleeves as they add sharp lines to your already straight body. Also avoid shoulder pads.

Tops That Flatter A Plus Size Rectangle Body Shape

The tops, shirts and blouses that you can select should be longer than the waist, having a cinched waist and appropriate necklines. Tops with puffy sleeves and belts are some additional features that will look good on this body shape. Here are a few examples that you can choose:

  • Waist length shirts
  • Peplum tops
  • Ruffled neck tops
  • Tunics
  • Off the shoulder
  • Waist length shirts
  • Boatneck

Dresses That Flatter A Plus Size Rectangle Body Shape

If you need to pick out a plus size evening dress or a formal dress for your rectangle body shape, here are the styles that will flatter your body:-

  • Shift:  This type of dresses have clean lines and they are a great option for rectangles with smaller busts and hips.
  • Empire: This dress style creates the illusion of a waist and it is perfect for a rectangle body shape.
  • Fit-and-flare: Just like an empire dress, fit and flare dresses help to draw attention to the waist and give a fuller look to the skirt. It can balance your figure.
  • Wrap: This classic style is flattering on every body shape
  • Ruched: A ruched dress is one that has pleats and gathers. For a rectangle plus size body shape, ruched designs create interest.

When it comes to shopping for your perfect plus size formal dress, Ever Pretty won’t disappoint. At its online shop, you’ll find timeless and modern pieces in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics.

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