Khapli Emmer Wheat: The Superfood you Need to Eat if you are Diabetic or Trying to Lose Weight

Khapli wheat or Emmer wheat is a wheat crop grown in South Maharashtra, Karnataka, and the Saurashtra region of Coastal Gujarat. It is also grown in some parts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Khapli aata is gluten-free and easy to digest. It is recommended for people with gluten allergies, diabetes, or obesity.

Most North Indian homes consume wheat as a staple, so it is difficult to adjust to a gluten-free diet without rotis or parathas, even if health issues arise. In such cases, it is advisable to switch to Khapli flour. Emmer wheat is gluten-free, nutritionally superior, fibre-rich, and easy to digest.

What is Khapli Wheat?

Khapli wheat is a variant of the regular wheat grown across the country. It has a low glycaemicindex that makes it perfect for diabetics, gluten-intolerant, and diet-conscious people. Archaeological research has shown evidence of Khapli cultivation from 8000 to 9000 BC. Therefore, Khapli is a rare species of wheat grain that has not been genetically modified for high production or farming economy.

The Khapli wheat flour cooks similarly to any other wheat flour. The flavour is mildly nutty, but the texture of the flour is similar to regular wheat flour. Before it is ground to make flour, the Khapli wheat is soft enough to be cooked like rice or quinoa. Traditional dishes like kheer and khichdi may also be prepared using Khapli. 

Why Should You Switch to Khapli Wheat Flour?

95% of the total wheat grown in India is the common wheat grain used to make wheat flour, bread, and cakes. Only 5% of the wheat produced in India comprises other species of wheat grain. Khapli is only one of these non-regular wheat species. It is marvellous that an ancient species of wheat has made it to modern times.But as you can imagine, the smaller production scale makes Khapli a little more expensive than regular wheat. But the benefits of switching to Khapli flour far outweigh the costs. 

Here are some Khapli wheat flour benefits you should know – 

  1. Low Glycaemic Index – Foods with low glycaemic index are excellent for people with diabetes and weight watchers. Khapli wheat aata has a low GI and a balance of nutrients that enable your body to regulate blood sugar, boost digestion, lose weight, and manage overall health.
  2. Easy to Digest –Lifestyle issues have begun to give rise to gluten intolerance among people. Khapli wheat roti is easy on your tummy and helps those with gluten intolerance to eat a satisfying meal. Khapli wheat breaks down quickly and also helps combat constipation.
  3. Rich in Vitamins & Minerals – Emmer wheat flour consists of Vitamin B3 and numerous minerals like iron and magnesium that are missing in regular wheat. Including Khapli wheat aata in your diet can boost cell functioning, strengthen bones and teeth, offer relief in arthritis, and reduce cholesterol. 
  4. Rich in Fibre – Fibre-rich foods are essential for bowel health and maintaining a healthy body weight. Consuming Emmer wheat regularly can help improve your body’s digestive abilities, increase the good bacteria in your gut, and reduce bloating.

How Does Khapli Wheat Flour Control Blood Sugar & Weight?

Food prepared from Khapli wheat flour has ample proteins, iron, fibre, and vitamins. The high fibre and antioxidant compounds give it a high satiety value. It takes longer to digest and helps you feel full for longer, even though it accounts for fewer calories than regular wheat. Scientific research has shown that diabetic patients who consume Khapli wheat aata show an 11% drop in lipids and significantly reduced cholesterol levels. For those who want to lose weight, follow a special diet, or need to control blood sugar – it is advisable to switch to Khapli wheat flour. 

To conclude, we can say that instead of following western trends for weight loss and health improvement, we should look at Indian dietary supplements. Those who have grown up eating chapattis in two meals daily may find it difficult to switch to quinoa or rice for a gluten-free meal. Here using Khapli wheat can be helpful. It is, after all, a kind of wheat. It can be used to make rotis or parathas, but it is much more beneficial to your health.

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