Love the Freedom of the Road? Here’s Why a Taxi Driver Could Be Your Dream Job

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If you are thinking of changing your career, then maybe you are looking for something completely different that brings control back to your work/life balance. Perhaps you are sick of the 9-5 and doing the same repetitive tasks and going to endless meetings that seem to be a waste of time. If you enjoy driving, perhaps it is time to consider becoming a taxi driver? There are numerous reasons why this could be a smart career move and one that gives you more control over your working week. In addition, taxi drivers can expect to earn over $30k a year by putting the hours in and taking customers regularly. In this article, three of the key reasons why becoming a taxi driver could be an excellent choice are discussed, wherever you are in the world.

You Meet a Wide Range of People

One key benefit of being a taxi driver is that you get to spend a little time with people from all walks of life. Whether this is an attractive aspect of the job for you depends a lot on how sociable you are. Introverts may naturally shy away from striking up conversations with a stranger, but for someone who enjoys a good conversation with members of the public, it can be a real bonus to the job. Sociable people tend to make excellent taxi drivers and it can be fascinating to take a short glimpse into someone else’s life for a short period or to swap ideas or discuss current affairs. If this sounds like you and you hate the idea of working in an office, love the art of conversation, and like to drive, it might be a superb career move to find a taxi for sale and start your own taxi firm.

Job Flexibility

Few other careers give you the freedom to choose your working hours to a large degree. There is a demand for taxi services twenty-four hours a day in most cities, and if you work as a freelance taxi driver (essentially self-employed) you can pick and choose what shifts you want to undertake. If for instance, you need to pick up your children from school or go out for a lunch with friends you can simply change the time you start working. In addition, some holiday times such as Christmas and new years eve tend to be exceptionally busy periods for taxi drivers. During these periods, you can work virtually any shift that suits you and be guaranteed to have a steady stream of customers. 

There Is Growth in the Industry 


If you are planning to be a self-employed taxi driver, the good news is that demand in this sector is set to grow by 40% from 2016 to 2026. This is because there has been a surge in popularity by the public of ordering taxis off ride-hailing smartphone apps such as Uber. It seems that this is set to become the most popular method of ordering a taxi in the coming years and by working as a self-employed taxi driver for such firms you will benefit from the increased custom that comes via this method.

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