Pamper Yourself: 4 Luxurious Tips for Looking Younger as You Age

It’s estimated that the average American woman spends around $115 per month on cosmetics. Whatever the reason for this, whether it’s striving for perfection, or defying age, it’s a huge industry.

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But there’s a whole other world within the beauty industry—the high end of cosmetics. This goes beyond makeup and eyebrow tints. Complete overhauls to your physical appearance are possible with some really impressive methods and techniques.

We’re going to give you some tips for looking younger by showing you some of these methods, so keep reading to learn about the best cosmetic procedures.

1. Facial Fillers

If we go back 30-40 years, “plastic surgery” was a broad term that people would use to describe procedures done to improve their appearance.

And a lot of the time, it was very obvious if someone had “work done”, especially on their face. That’s just not the case anymore. No more shiny, immovable faces or harsh features. Technology and techniques have improved drastically to the point that you often won’t be able to tell if someone has had a cosmetic procedure.

Facial fillers are one such method. It’s an intricate and subtle procedure that can knock years off, and can last anywhere from a few months to 5 years.

2. Tummy Tuck

tummy tuck procedure has a few stages. Firstly, fat is liposuctioned from the area, and then the surgeon will remove an area of skin. Then the skin is stretched and reattached, giving the impression of a flat stomach.

There are variations on the tummy tuck—one such variation is called the 360 tummy tuck, where fat is liposuctioned from not just the stomach, but the obliques, love handles, and lower back, too.

3. Hydra Facial

Once confined to the rich and famous in Hollywood, the hydra facial is now a treatment being adopted by spas and dermatologists around the globe.

But what is a Hydra Facial? You might have heard it called hydradermabrasion, and has three main stages;

  • deep clean
  • exfoliation
  • hydration

It’s not too dissimilar from a facial treatment you’d get at a spa, the main difference being the tools used. Your treatment specialist will use a “wand” that truly seems to work magic. It exfoliates and cleans the skin while applying serums for hydration.

A hydra facial can treat a number of skin conditions, as well as remove wrinkles giving a youthful appearance.

4. Ultherapy

One reservation people have about cosmetic treatments is the fact that they aren’t keen on going “under the knife”. Invasive procedures are a risk, and for some, a risk not worth taking.

For that reason, non-invasive cosmetic treatments are becoming more popular. If you’re noticing some of the early signs of aging like loose skin on your neck, or a lowered brow, this treatment could be perfect for you. It uses ultrasound technology to not just tighten the top layer of skin, but to work deeper, providing a more comprehensive and longer-lasting result.

Need More Tips For Looking Younger?

The cosmetic world is a vast one, and regardless of your budget, there are ways to look younger!

We’ve touched on just four of the more luxurious anti-aging tips, featuring some of the best cosmetic procedures available.

But if you’re looking for more tips for looking younger, check out the Beauty section of the blog.

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