Renovating your Kitchen
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Renovating your Kitchen During the Pandemic

Since early last year, many of us have been spending a lot more quality time in our kitchens. It’s been wonderful cooking and eating meals with the family, which has been an unexpected perk of an otherwise difficult circumstance.

Renovating your Kitchen
Image source: Pexels

At first, it was amusing knocking into each other between the stove and the refrigerator, as it does happen a lot. However, this might have made you contemplate some of the kitchen design improvements you’ve always wanted.

During this pandemic, every challenge is accentuated, and preparing meals at home and buying kitchen equipment online is just among the many concerns. You want to make the most of the time you have with your loved ones. Still, the current layout of the kitchen makes this challenging. And you have a lot of concerns about how to safely and efficiently revamp your kitchen, given the COVID 19 situation.

Despite the economic impact of the pandemic, many organizations that provide home remodeling or renovation services are still thriving and keeping their operations running. Many homeowners need to be aware that upgrading their kitchens during the pandemic remains sustainable and may even be a favorable decision considering some factors brought by the current state of affairs.

Read on to learn some of the reasons why you should take advantage of this opportunity to plan and execute a kitchen renovation service right now.

Better Preparation Process

One method to speed up the planning process is to do more inquiry and preparation tasks before scheduling your session with your kitchen designer. This step entails gathering the information a professional kitchen designer will need to present you with a general numerical estimate or a comprehensive design package, depending on the service level you select. 

If you’re not fond of gathering such needs yourself, hiring a professional Interior designer or a licensed general contractor is recommended, as this is often part of their scope of work. 

Maximized Planning Time

Kitchen renovation projects usually call for lengthy periods of preparation. A variety of elements must be considered, including the size of the area, layout, type of appliances to be installed, storage or cabinetry, kitchen design, budget, and so on. Identifying your project goals requires time, too, and because you are frequently at home, you may have the opportunity to focus and prepare thoroughly. 

Discounts and Low Interest Rates with Purchasing Properties

Since interest rates are on the decline, now may be an excellent time to buy a new house or renovate your current one. The money you’ll save from lower interest rates will allow you to make a few improvements to the look of your home, particularly in the kitchen. 

Before you sign a contract with a kitchen remodeling company, make sure that you inquire about any possible discounts or specials on kitchen accessories and appliances. If the project requires you to buy products from other companies, check to see if they provide any solutions for you to save money on renovation costs.

More Flexible Schedule for Contractors

Some homeowners are hesitant to hire home improvement services because it can be unsafe to allow individuals from the outside, such as the remodeling crew, into their homes. During the pandemic, this is considered understandable behavior, so contractors are now opening their services to make their clients more convenient.

For example, they can create a more flexible timetable so that the individuals on the property have enough time to set up to have as little contact with anyone from the kitchen remodeling company’s employees as possible. Nonetheless, kitchen remodelers have been using this method for a long time.

A Few Advice on Planning

  • Plan Your Appliance Needs Sooner

Order fulfillment has also proven extremely difficult recently. So, you must speak with your appliance professional ahead of time regarding their lead times and product availability.

Most professional kitchen designers would advise having a rough idea of what appliances you want to incorporate into your new kitchen, but they would also recommend reaching out to begin a dialogue with an appliance professional ahead of time. Knowing their lead times in advance will enable you to create a better plan for an optimal flexible completion date.

  • Plan for a Flexible Completion Date

A definitive completion date for most improvements should be a movable target. Extended lead times on initial product orders, product delays, reselecting products that are no longer available (common with flooring, tile, and appliances), and delays in the availability of trades and sub-trades will all add to the lengthening of your timeline.

If you’re planning a significant kitchen makeover, keep your completion date open, even if it’s not ideal. Expect the unexpected and budget for the extra time you’ll need to deal with problems in case they emerge.

The Bottomline

Renovations may seem more difficult to execute today as a result of the global epidemic, but they are not impossible. The key to success is adaptability. Product selection, deadlines, price, communications, lead periods, and completion dates must be flexible. If you approach it with an open and optimistic mind, it will lessen some of the strain and make it rewarding in the long term.

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