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Sex After the Wedding. How Do Not Lose a Passion?

” Well, after the wedding, many relationships will start to suffer from a lack of passion. It’s an inevitable problem for many couples but can be avoided. In this article, we provide you with some solutions that can help not to lose passion. “ 


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Congrats on tying the knot. It’s never an easy journey getting to that point where the groom stands at the altar and watches his bride walking down the aisle. Well, you’ll experience a roller coaster of emotions and uncertainties before you can opt to settle down. Planning the wedding is a challenge on its own and often worth it, especially when things go according to the plan. However, those moments are just the start of your marriage. Research shows that most newlyweds will lose passion within the first two years a sad and truthful reality. Luckily, we live in an age of abundance in information and resources that can boost your relationship. A good example is getting the best penis enlargement pills to spice up your intimate moments. Here are five ways that can help keep the passion burning.

1. Familiarity Breeds Boredom

There’s something referred to as “hedonic adaptation” which in simple terms describes how human beings become habituated to certain conditions. They can be either positive or negative. It explains why we tend to get bored over time with people, things, or places we once treasured. Think of your before and after the wedding sex. You’ll see some changes. Well, first sexual encounters are often featuring much passion, drive, and love, expressed by our actions. Over time we get used to usual positions or acts that we perform, which eventually leads to boredom. Avoid familiarity when it comes to intimacy and applies creativity for an exciting love life.

2. Why Having Sex After Wedding Might Be as Good as It Was Before It

Over the centuries there’s been contention whether it is possible having sex after the wedding better than it was before. Having sex after the wedding this is called consummation. In some circles, it’s been argued that couples who wait until marriage to consummate their love tend to have a more enjoyable sex life. Other benefits that come with having sex after the wedding include:

  •       A solid foundation of trust
  •       Promotes happiness at an individual and couple levels
  •       Gives a sense of self-worth and accomplishment
  •       Some argue that it decreases the chance of divorce

3. Take Time to Talk About Your Sex Life

Talk about your sex life. Having this discussion is the first step towards a more intimate, loving, and honest relationship with your partner. Communicate using words that will be understood by both of you.

4. Have Enough Sex

Have as much sex as you want. Try to enlive your sex with role games and use different sex toys. Don’t try to limit yourself or become too busy to miss attending to each other’s needs. Various researches have shown that couples who engage in frequent intercourse have a more passionate relationship. Therefore, have as much sex as you want if it doesn’t interfere with any other aspects, such as parenting or work.


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Sex in bed after the wedding doesn’t have to be the highlight of love life but rather the start of a fantastic journey. The moment after the wedding sex, the rush of emotions and desires can last as long as couples learn how to keep the passion. What are your thoughts on how not to lose passion?

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