Subscription Boxes
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Subscription Boxes as a New Way to Collect Money for a Good Cause

Have you ever heard about subscription boxes? It’s an amazing opportunity to give yourself a gift and help those in need. Rebel + Saint Box Cause is revolutionizing the business and offers every woman to get something special for the best girls in the world – themselves.

Subscription Boxes
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It’s not just a package, it’s a collection of different special items for you, your house, pets, etc. in a gorgeous gift box. A part of the revenue goes for a good cause or a mission, as the company calls it.

Let’s get familiar with the business and how it works.

Why Buy Subscription Boxes for Women by Rebel + Saint Box Cause

You get to choose from the most popular subscription boxes containing 4-6 products:

  • A little something for yourself;
  • An item that will help you decorate the house well;
  • Some exquisite food;
  • Cocktail mixers;
  • Pet treats for beloved friends;
  • Garden stuff, etc.

You can also choose a more expensive box that will contain up to 9 items!

The prices are very loyal, given that a part of the revenue goes for good causes. The company helps homeless people, domestic violence shelters, people in hunger, firefighter funds, and more.

As a result, you’re doing several good things for yourself and the world:

  • Giving yourself several gifts for being a wonderful person;
  • Supporting women-owned small businesses;
  • Helping people in need.

A sweet bonus: you’re getting 10% off the first purchase for subscribing to their newsletter.

How It Works

The steps are very easy:

  • Choose a subscription that resonates the best with you and fits your budget:
    • Yearly (you’ll receive a box 2 times a year);
    • Monthly (you’ll receive a set every month;
    • One-time purchase (for those who want to try the program out before choosing a subscription).
  • Pick the items you’ll love or trust the professionalism of curators working for Rebel & Saint Box Cause to choose the best luxurious items for you;
  • Enter delivery information (no redundant questions, only the information needed to contact you and send the special package);
  • Wait for the gifts to reach your door.

If you live in a remote location, contact the company first to see if they can deliver the box.

According to subscription box reviews, the shopping experience on the website is smooth and simple. So, you can order the gift anytime, from any device. The site has a responsive design and is convenient to browse through on your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

Give Yourself Something Special This Month

Choose a plan that works for you personally and buy something special from the shop. It can be a compilation of products for your skin, house, pets, etc. You can try the program out by buying one box without a subscription and then deciding whether it’s your cup of tea.

We’re sure that many women are eager to support women-owned businesses but don’t know where to start. Choosing the best subscription boxes to get familiar with those companies is the best decision you can make!

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