The Benefits of a Virtual Doctor’s Appointment

The next time you go to the doctor, you might not even have to leave your house!

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Right now, 76 percent of United States hospitals use video chat and other technology to provide remote medical care. Telemedicine is more accessible than ever, to the point that many patients prefer it.

You can book a virtual doctor’s appointment for just about any medical need that you have.

Why go for a virtual appointment? Below we’ll talk about some of the benefits that telemedicine offers.

Virtual Healthcare Is Convenient

Convenience is the main reason that people look for virtual healthcare. Instead of fighting traffic, sitting in a waiting room lobby, and hoping the doctor can get you without an appointment, you’ll jump on a video chat with a doctor in minutes.

What happens during a virtual doctor’s appointment?

First, you create an account that includes all of your medical history and health insurance information. You can schedule appointments with doctors remotely, or get into a queue to talk to the next available physician.

During the visit, the doctor will discuss your issue by video chat. You may be asked to show them your symptoms on camera, so make sure that you’re in a well-lit area and that your audio is loud and clear.

They Can Help With Your Chronic Pain

Surveys show that in America, 50 million people experience symptoms of chronic pain every day or nearly every day.

If you’re someone dealing with pain issues, you’ll need the help of a physician that can get you a prescription quickly. Whether you have lower back pain, arthritis or migraines, you’ll be glad for this convenience, especially if you’re experiencing pain on a weekend or holiday.

You Get 24-Hour Access

Virtual healthcare is also excellent because doctors are available at any time of the day, no matter your time zone. Even if you have a primary care physician, you’ll appreciate that you can get to a doctor if it’s later or during an emergency.

These platforms are accessible anywhere you have an internet connection, even on smartphones and tablets.

Getting 24-hour access is particularly helpful if you’re a person going through addiction recovery. You’ll need medications like Suboxone to help with the detox process. This medication prevents withdrawal symptoms from becoming unbearable.

Here’s an example of a Suboxone clinic that helps people recovering from opioid abuse:

There’s Less Anxiety

What can you get out of an online doctor’s appointment? Less anxiety.

You’ll appreciate virtual healthcare because you don’t have to deal with the stress of going to the doctor’s office. You’re in the comfort of your own home, and have complete privacy.

This is perfect for people who naturally get anxiety going to the doctor.

Schedule a Virtual Doctor’s Appointment

These tips will help you schedule a virtual doctor’s appointment the next time you need some medical attention. Look into the platforms that are best for your needs.

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