The Common Types of Necklaces: A Basic Guide

When it comes to accessories, there are so many ways to express your personal style. From shoes and handbags to belts and scarves, you can dress any outfit up or down with your accessories.

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One of the easiest ways to enhance any outfit while showcasing your style is to add a necklace. Though it may not seem like much, wearing a necklace is a surefire way to help you sparkle.

Not sure what types of necklaces you should add to your jewelry box? Keep reading for the most common styles of this versatile accessory.


One of the most common necklace styles, the options are infinite when it comes to choosing a pendant. These necklaces are typically 18 inches in length and consist of a simple chain and charm.

These necklaces are classic, making them perfect for any occasion. Whether you add one to your casual work outfit or choose a dainty chain for a night out, these necklaces fit any outing.


The 90s are back with a vengeance! The once-popular, grungy tattoo chokers have reappeared with a variation in recent years. These necklaces, which are typically 14 inches, sit right at the base of your neck.

These necklaces add a dreamy and romantic aesthetic when styled with an off-the-shoulder neckline. This article provides even more tips to help you style your necklaces.

These necklaces also come in many different varieties. From simple, dainty chains to a short strand of pearls, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Statement Pieces

If you’re searching for ways to make your jewelry the focus of your outfit, look no further than a bold statement necklace. These are some of the best necklaces to style, as a simple outfit will let the jewelry speak for itself.

To highlight a loud statement necklace, you’ll want to wear a very simple outfit. Whether you go monochrome or opt for basic blue jeans and a teeshirt, your necklace will be front and center.


One of the most sophisticated necklaces, the opera-style necklace is a long, beaded accessory. This long piece of jewelry is versatile, as you can double up the long loop to create the effect of layered necklaces.

This option is great as it creates a unique texture and draws visual interest to your outfit. When it comes to styling a necklace, the opera style is an easy option as they work well with high neckline options due to their long length.

Explore the Different Types of Necklaces

Though it may seem overwhelming, keeping the different necklace styles in mind can help you enhance any outfit. Various metals, shirt necklines, and necklace lengths can impact the overall appearance of the jewelry.

Remember, the most important thing to keep in mind when adding necklace jewelry to any outfit is that you should wear whatever you like! These tips are guidelines to help style, but your own personal taste takes precedent.

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