The Top 3 Benefits of a Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Program

You’ve battled the demon of drug abuse for years now, and you’re beyond weary. You’re ready for the battle to end.

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You’re ready to go to a rehab program.

If it’s of any consolation, you’re not alone. More than 21 million people ages 12 or older required addiction treatment in 2018.

Before you choose any rehab program, though, you may want to consider selecting an addiction treatment program that is gender specific. Here’s a rundown on the top three benefits of going to a gender specific addiction treatment program.

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1. Specialized Care

One of the biggest benefits of a gender-specific addiction treatment program is that it can provide women and men with the specialized care they need.

As a general rule of thumb, men who attend treatment centers often do so due to heavy marijuana use and binge drinking. Meanwhile, female treatment center attendees often struggle with abusing prescriptions, like painkillers.

In addition, men usually require longer treatment programs than women do.

On top of this, gender-specific treatment centers can focus on the unique issues that women and men face when plagued with drug problems. These include challenges involving motherhood and pregnancy for women, as well as fatherhood for men, for example.

Follow this link to learn more about how gender-specific recovery centers cater to women and men in distinct ways.

2. Eliminating Distractions

Treatment centers that are gender specific can also help to eliminate the distractions that members of the opposite gender may bring.

Sometimes being around opposite-gender individuals can create sexual, physical, emotional, or mental tension. For instance, certain women and men may find themselves becoming attracted to one another. In other situations, they may be fearful of opening up to each other.

Either way, these distractions may lead to less effective treatment for people of both genders.

3. Increased Comfort

Finally, a room that is gender specific, on the other hand, may create a more relaxing atmosphere for treatment center participants.

The more comfortable that people feel at a treatment center, the more likely they are to engage and participate with others. This is particularly important when group therapy is involved.

If female and male participants can interact with and support peers of the same sex, they can maximize their treatment outcomes together.

Take Advantage of a Gender-Specific Rehab Program Today

Given that drug abuse impacts women and men differently, it is wise to join a gender-specific rehab program to get help with overcoming your disorder. With the right support from fellow men or women, you can more easily take back your life from the grip of substance abuse.

Consider the above-listed benefits of gender specific addiction treatment programs as you seek to eliminate drugs from your life once and for all in the months and years ahead.

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