The Top Choker Necklace Trends for 2022

Spring is in the air, which means you’re probably assessing your wardrobe. What’s in from last year and what’s out? Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up.

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That’s especially true with accessories, which finish off an outfit — unless, of course, they are out of fashion. If that’s the case, they might make you look un-trendy, and that’s not what you want.

So, what are the 2022 jewelry trends? One of them is the choker necklace — and it’s easy to style this iconic accessory this year.

1. Choose Charms

It’s no secret that the 90s are back, in terms of fashion. You might have already adopted some of the trends, including chunky loafers, bucket hats, or mom jeans.

Another 90s trend to incorporate into your wardrobe is the charm choker. You may remember that, in the 90s, people often wore necklaces made of colorful beads. From these necklaces, they often hung charms – think butterflies, hearts, etc.

These necklaces are back in a big way. You get bonus points if you style yours as a choker since this style is so very 90s.

2. Flower Power

On that note, another 90s-inspired style that is back in fashion is the flower choker. But we don’t mean a choker with a flower charm dangling from it — we mean a giant faux flower sitting on your neck.

These necklaces have made it back to the runway, with designers like Prabal Gurung adding them to their 2022 resort collection. So, seek out a simple black choker with a large, fake flower. Or, take one of your own black chokers and add a flower to it — your local craft store will definitely have silk flowers for sale.

3. Chunky Gold Bands

You can find gold necklaces everywhere — Erijewelry necklaces, for one, ships their wares worldwide. As such, it’s easy to get your hands on this next 2022 chokers trend: the chunky gold necklace.

You’ll find chain-link gold chokers just as easily as you’ll find oversized gold bauble chokers. Oversized gold chokers that stretch from the bottom to the top of your neck are in, too. They’re very reminiscent of ancient Egyptian accessories.

Keep in mind that the accompanying accessories that go with these chokers are very much in style, too. For example, you can’t go wrong with a chain-link bracelet, either.

4. Candy-Colored Chokers

Finally, you might want to invest in some sweetly colored chokers this season, too. Bright hues and pastels are very much in, and you’ll find plenty of chokers in these colors.

Don’t be shy to pair this choker fashion with other candy-colored accessories. Enamel rings, for example, are making a huge comeback — and they make a big statement. So, perhaps you’ll choose a thin choker to go with one of these eye-catching rings.

Choose a Choker Necklace

This spring and beyond, the choker necklace is firmly back in style. So, if you’ve been considering adding one to your jewelry box, now’s the time.

Need more spring trend advice? Be sure to check back with us for more!

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