Top 10 Benefits of Private Nursing Care at Home

According to statistics, almost 90% of Americans over 50 want to age in place.

While this is impractical once they start to reach more advanced old age, there are several benefits associated with this option. So, if you’re in charge of taking care of your parents in their old age, it’s something to consider.

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Here’s what private nursing care at home offers your nearest and dearest.

1. In-Home Nursing Care Cost Factors

Placing your parents in a skilled nursing facility is expensive, averaging around $500 per day. Visiting nurses’ home care costs just over $130 per visit.

2. Health Care Pros are There When You Aren’t

If your parents live on their own, having a health care professional check in on them gives you peace of mind. These qualified experts can assess safety risks and make the necessary adjustments.

3. Assistance With Daily Living

Nursing care and personal care are two different things, so make sure you’re hiring the right professional for the job. While skilled nurses can assist with daily activities, they also bring medical knowledge into the picture.

4. Home Nursing Care Supports a Healthy Lifestyle

Elderly folks are notorious for skipping meals and skimping on eating a healthy diet. An in-home nursing professional will make sure they get the nutrients they need to stay healthy for longer.

5. Private Nursing Care at Home Is Skilled Care

As your loved ones age, they’ll need increasing medical assistance. Private home nurses have all the certifications, licenses, and knowledge to meet their medical needs.

This also means you’ll spend less money on medical appointments for minor issues.

6. Medication Management

It’s difficult and confusing to keep track of multiple prescriptions. A home health care professional will ensure their patients get what they need when they need it and avoid harmful drug interactions.

7. Caring Companionship

While going about their duties, private home nurses keep their clients engaged and happy. They provide valuable companionship at a time of life when the elderly often suffer terribly from loneliness.

8. Personalized Care

Home health care services provide one-on-one care that nursing facilities can’t offer. These interactions can lead to strong interpersonal bonds and high levels of trust.

9. Better Health Outcomes

Thanks to all the above factors, people who engage the services of home health care professionals, stay healthier for longer. Private nurses help manage chronic conditions and can help your parents stay as independent as possible.

10. Better Mental Health Outcomes

Having to give up their independence can lead to overwhelming depression in elderly folk. A private home nurse helps keep this independence alive for much longer and gives your loved ones a sense of purpose.

Doing the Right Thing

Many elderly folks prefer private nursing care at home to living in a home for the aged.

You must take their wishes into consideration against the background of what they really need. Some people need more advanced care than a home health care nurse can offer.

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