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Top 8 Anti-Aging Solutions for Your Skin

People have been seeking ways to retain the glow of youth in their skin since ancient times. There’s an entire history of anti-aging treatments, dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Nonsurgical anti-aging solutions range in popularity, and there are plenty of timeless solutions to keeping your skin at its prime with minimal effort on your part.

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Here are our favorite natural treatments to boost your skin’s collagen levels for a glowy complexion. 

Drink More Matcha

One of the best things about matcha, besides its delicious earthy taste, is the fact that it’s a superfood. Superfoods carry antioxidants that enrich your body. When you add matcha to your morning smoothie or post-workout shake, you’re giving your body powerful EGCG catechin. This antioxidant compound actively slows down cell degeneration to prevent premature aging.

Making the switch to steamed matcha lattes or drinking pure green tea daily gives you a nice non-jittery caffeine buzz for a productive day ahead, while you reap all the health benefits.

Learn How To Detox

No matter what your diet is, consider adding healthy detoxing for your skin. It doesn’t have to be extreme, but after a week of indulging, it can go a long way!

Incorporating warm lemon water into your morning routine or adding nutrients like spirulina to your smoothies can do wonders for your skin. Draw an epsom salt bath to release toxins in your body. Cook with turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties. All these methods of detoxing fight free radicals under your skin that contribute to wrinkles, sagging skin, and other skin concerns. Regularly detoxing can be an easier thing to manage if you lead your weekly routine with specific intentions. If you want to focus on clearing your skin’s pores, you can plan a casual and fortifying detox plan for the week. 

Ask Your Dermatologist About Retinoids

When’s the last time you went through what’s in your daily skincare routine? A must in your regime as you get older is an anti-aging retinoid or retinol product. Because retinoids contain high contents of vitamin A, which directly accelerates cell growth. The increase in collagen production can block signs of aging like fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Retinoids also unclog pores to help fight acne breakouts. If you really want to try a powerful anti-aging agent, talk to your dermatologist about whether a retinoid prescription is right for you. Retinol is a popular skincare ingredient that has similar anti-aging properties, but it is weaker in strength. Both products will enhance your complexion, but prescription-only retinoid is a good solution for those seeking extra anti-aging strength. 

Apply Sunscreen Daily

It’s a tale as old as time: apply sunscreen to protect your skin. And it’s 100% true. When you add a quality SPF sunscreen to your daily routine, you are actively preserving your healthy skin while preventing damage from the sun’s intense rays. Too much sun can accelerate signs of premature aging. 

Trying to determine which SPF level is right for you? It depends. For a regular day, you can get by comfortably with 30 SPF whereas if you’re outdoors most of the day, you would get the best results from sunscreen with 50 SPF or above. Make sure you apply onto bare skin, even before any moisturizer or any makeup. No sunscreen is perfect, so be sure to take other preventative measures to protect yourself from the sun’s heat, and follow the guidelines on your sunscreen bottle for how often to re-apply. A liberal layer of sunscreen paired with a wide-brimmed hat makes the perfect shield for your skin from sun damage. 

Cut Down on Sugar

Unfortunately, high levels of sugar need to be sacrificed if you want to seriously slow down signs of aging. When your sugar intake is high, your body’s collagen and elastin start to lose strength. You don’t have to stop eating sugar entirely, but small improvements to your diet can help retain youthful skin. This can be as simple as cutting back on sodas or other sweet indulgences you may be having on a regular basis. Your body will thank you for decreasing your sugar intake by rewarding you with rejuvenated and glowing skin. 

Cleanse Your Skin Gently

Monitoring how you go about your daily skincare routine gets more important as you age. When you’re younger, your skin can handle more exfoliating products because your skin cells have an accelerated regeneration process. As you age, the process of collagen reformulation takes longer, so you want to set your skin up for success by not excessively exfoliating. Put down the heavy duty scrubs that promise to eliminate layers of your dead skin; there are less irritating ways to achieve youthful skin. When you put too much pressure onto exfoliation, you risk thin, dry skin. Focus on rehydration to make sure all your skin’s oils are at a healthy level.  

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

This is your sign to pour yourself a glass of water right now. Prioritizing your skin hydration leads to a natural replenishing of skin cells that keep you looking fresh and glowing. When you are properly hydrated, your skin has the right nutrients to bounce back after any damage or natural progressions of aging. Dehydration is a serious problem for the skin because it slows down your body’s collagen production and reduces natural moisture. It can speed up the appearance of blemishes. Simply prioritizing water as your main beverage source can lead to supple skin and a glamorous complexion. 

Prioritize Vitamin A & C

Boost your skin’s collagen and elastin with the best vitamin-enriched anti-aging serums. First, vitamin A is your best friend when it comes to rejuvenating any areas of skin that are developing wrinkles. Topical retinol or acquiring a retinoid prescription is a great way to make sure your skin gets the most benefits. It has been proven to have a preventative effect on the natural aging process. Vitamin C is another powerful anti-aging ingredient that can boost your skin’s collagen. Not only does it help smooth wrinkles, but it also helps skin regeneration on injuries or scars. You can get your fill of vitamin C through citrus fruits or topical skin care products.  

However you curate your anti-aging skin care regimen, making small tweaks is the best place to start. Once you get your routine going, it is easier to stick to it and see longer term effects. Start now to ensure you are getting all the best anti-aging nutrients your body and skin deserve.

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