Top Factors That Determine the Cost of Dentures

An estimated 178 million people in the U.S. have lost at least one of their teeth.

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If you’re also missing one or more of your pearly whites, then it’s time to consider replacing them. Dentures are among your primary options, and, best of all, they often cost the least.

Still, it pays to learn more about the factors that influence the cost of dentures. It can help you prepare your finances and ensure you get quality teeth replacement.

We’ll tell you the most crucial facts you need to know about denture costs below, so read on.

Primary Material Used in the Dentures

Acrylic, composite resin, and porcelain are the most common materials used in dentures. As for the framework, also known as the base or plate, acrylic, nylon, and metal are typical options.

Acrylic and composite resin are cheaper than porcelain. However, porcelain’s durability is superior to both.

Acrylic and nylon used to create the base of dentures also cost less than metal. However, they’re not as durable as metal, so they wear and tear faster.

Number of Teeth Requiring Replacement

The number of teeth you need to replace is one of the top factors influencing the cost of dentures. This variable is also directly connected to your preferred denture material.

That said, a single-tooth denture costs far less than a partial or a complete denture. After all, it requires fewer materials and labor. For the same reason, a partial denture costs less than a complete one.

Fixed vs. Removable Dentures

Placement is also one of the primary factors affecting the cost of dentures.

Fixed dentures, also known as denture implants, are permanent and non-removable. Their placement requires the surgical implantation of screws into the gums or jawbone. They’re the most durable and long-lasting dentures but cost the most.

On the other hand, removable dentures often don’t require any surgical procedure. An exception is if a patient has severe gum disease that requires grafting. However, patients with healthy gums can often wear removable dentures right away.

Preliminary Dental Work

Speaking of severe gum disease, did you know that it affects about 9% of U.S. adults? Left untreated, it can cause tooth, bone, and gum loss. Therefore, it can hinder a patient from getting dentures.

So if you have severe gum disease, your dentist would recommend gum treatment first. This extra step will cost you more, so it’s also an integral factor in the cost of your dentures.

Overall Quality

The price of dentures ranges from as low as $300 to as high as $8,000. That considerable gap is due not only to the materials but the curing process, too.

For instance, the average cost of dentures made through cold curing is $300 to $500. Unfortunately, cold-cured acrylic resin lacks mechanical hardness and strength. As a result, dentures made of such materials are most prone to damage.

By contrast, heat-cured dentures withstand forces and impact better than cold-cured ones. That’s why they can last much longer and, thus, cost way more.

Always Compare the Cost of Dentures

Now you know the cost of dentures depends on factors like materials and quality. However, your chosen dentist also plays a role here, as they may give you a discounted rate. Likewise, your insurance may offer to offset part of your treatment costs.

So, always take the time to compare denture costs from different providers. That way, you can find a dentist offering quality services at a price you can afford.

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