Traditional flowers are expensive, try wood flowers for your wedding

Can you picture your wedding day without floral elements? Clearly not! A wedding without floral wires, wedding bouquets, and centerpieces will make it dull and less colorful. However, using traditional flowers can be a costly affair. You might have to put down thousands of dollars to make it a dreamy affair. 

wood flowers
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Well, if you are Kim Kardashian, you can say, “Who cares?” But it’s your money, and you can’t spend it all on a real wedding bouquet or venue decor. What next? Have you heard about wood flowers? They are quite similar to the real blooms, but the only difference is that they last forever.

Considering the questions around the costs of the type of bouquet flowers or flowers for wedding, we thought to share the perfect alternatives to the natural blooms and how you can still make yours an extravagant wedding. 

Why should you go for sola wood flowers?

Wood flowers are usually made from the root of a plant known as Aeschynomene aspera. However, that’s too biology here. So, we call it sola. Since they have a foam feel, they will feel natural and weigh nothing. The best part is that, like the natural blooms, they have knots and veins, too, so you feel a level of authenticity when using them for your wedding.

But that’s not the only reason you must opt for these types of wedding flowers. Here’s why you must go for sola wood flowers.

  • You can customize them: The issue with natural blooms is that it gets tricky to match your wedding day color palette. But with wood flowers, all you need is a color swatch. Also, you can transform your florals into whatever color. 

Also, you can experiment using these flowers. For instance, you can look for guides to create something unique for your wedding. Like if you want to create a cascading bridal bouquet, this guide on how to make a cascading bridal bouquet with fake flowers will help you make a DIY wedding bouquet at a lesser cost than buying it. 

  • You can use it for any season: Imagine you want a fall wedding with peonies as a part of your wedding decor and other ceremonies. Can you do that with traditional blooms? Sadly, no! But if you choose sola wood flowers, you can have any flower for your wedding. Like dahlias in early spring is possible. You won’t have to limit yourself to seasonal flowers anymore.
  • You can contribute to sustainable practices: If you are someone who doesn’t wish to contribute to any other waste or follow any unsustainable practices when it comes to wedding flowers, this option will help you stay eco-friendly. 

Besides this, you can save a lot on buying flowers for wedding. Whether you are looking for an extravagant or a simple affair, you will save a lot of money when choosing sola wood flowers. 

How can you incorporate wood flowers in your wedding?

You are wrong if you think you have to limit using sola wood flowers only to make wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, or corsages. You can use them throughout your wedding. Here are some of the exciting ways to incorporate them into your wedding.

  • Add them as a part of your ceremony florals. For example, you can create unique pieces for your special people or use them as aisle markers or arch florals. You can also use them to decorate lanterns, welcome signs, or create an altar with these flowers. There are many options. You can also make some DIY wedding flowers for your loved ones as a gift so that they can remember you forever. Besides this, you can also use them as a part of your goodbye vehicle where the florals become a part of the sign “happily married.” 
  • You can make them a part of your reception. You can use them on your wedding cake or infuse color into the table centerpieces. You can give organic decor concepts to your venue as well. You can also create a wood flowers wall where your guests get an opportunity to click on some of their amazing pictures. 

You can also customize your list as per your unique ideas or inspirations. The fact that wood flowers are incredibly versatile will allow you to create some alternatives to use for your wedding day. It will completely fit your vision. The best part is yet to come: You can keep them FOREVER.


Weddings are unique for everyone. But the cost of the blooms can make you ignore them to be a part of your wedding. You might limit yourself only to wedding bouquets. However, you can pick the sola wood flowers and create an exceptional look at your wedding. Thankfully, these options are pliable and soft and will make your wedding day blissful. So, are you all set to create an incredible look for your wedding day?


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