Unique Gifts That Will Make Your Husband Feel Extra Special

Gifts for your spouse don’t only happen around the winter holidays. You probably give gifts on his birthday, your anniversary, Father’s Day, for special occasions, or maybe just as a fun “thinking of you” gift to make him feel acknowledged and appreciated. If your husband loves gifts, you might feel as if you’ve come up against a wall without any more creative, thoughtful ideas. 

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This list will give you plenty more to choose from. You have decades to spend with each other as spouses, so it’s a good idea to keep a few of these in your mental “back pocket” to pull from whenever the need arises. 

Put Your Love into a Song

Music touches the heart; music made specifically for you that tells your story will be remembered forever. Songlorious (featured on Shark Tank!) takes your story and the special parts of your relationship and writes a custom song that expresses everything you feel. You can choose from one-, two-, or three-minute songs from various genres and emotions that you want to portray. Write out your story and let them create something you can dance to for years and years. 

Photo Collage of All Your Memories

Remember the days of picture albums and prints? There’s something special about being able to look at and touch photos when they aren’t on a phone or computer screen. You can still easily get tangible photos, even putting them together through a photo collage maker like the one offered by PosterMyWall. Simply upload the ones you want to showcase, maybe the best moments of each year together, one from every anniversary so far, or pictures of the birth and birthdays of each of your children. Whatever it is, your husband will look at it in your custom photo collage and smile, remembering all your special times together.

Get Outdoorsy

Whether it’s for a weekend fishing trip, a hunting excursion, or simply a day at the beach with some chips, salsa, guac, and ice-cold refreshments, a Yeti cooler is the way to go. They fit much more than you’d think by looking at them, and they can keep their contents at 37°F for up to eight whole days! They’re also leakproof and have an easy-zip opening which makes them great for transporting and carrying everything that your guy and his friends need for any adventure. 

Cook Up Something Tasty

Does your husband love to grill and entertain? Hook him up with a crate from Man Crates, including everything he needs to put together a delicious feast that will be enjoyed by all. These crates include meat tenderizers, perfect blends of spices, and melt-in-your-mouth barbecue sauces that you won’t want to cook without ever again. Use the hickory-smoked chips in the smoker box on any barbecue for that all-day cooked taste. He’ll know when the dishes are ready to be devoured with the included meat thermometers! This gift is a win-win. 

Make a Vacation Memory

We’re living in an age where people often want to give and receive “experiences” as gifts. Use Booking.com to find the perfect location and home for your next couple or family getaway. You can go to a tropical island with golf and five-star restaurants for your leisure-loving man, or you can get specific and book a place such as The Guest House at Graceland if your hubby is a hardcore Elvis fan. No matter where you want to go, Booking.com will help you find the best deal so that you have extra money to spend when you get there. 

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

If you want your true love to keep remembering how much you love and appreciate him, give him a subscription! There are so many to choose from depending on your husband’s lifestyle, tastes, and interests. Does he look forward to his morning coffee every day? Gift him a Blue Bottle coffee subscription with different flavors sent each month. Or choose a cocktail subscription from Shaker & Spoon with all the supplies needed for a fun weekend drink delivered right to your door. If your husband is trying to veer away from the “Dad Bod” or is into health food, you could choose a meal kit from one of a variety of companies that offer plenty of options such as dairy-free and gluten-free dinners. 

Wrapping It Up

There are as many reasons to give a special gift as there are unique gifts out there. When you’re prepared with plenty of ideas, it’s easy to choose a unique, creative gift that will show your husband how much you love him. Choose something that he’ll be able to use and enjoy for months or years to come, or that will make memories to last a lifetime. Whatever it is, it will be special because it was thoughtfully chosen and comes from the person he loves most in the world—you! 










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