What Can Cause a Burning Pain In the Lower Back?

Nearly a quarter of the world’s population suffers from lower back pain of some kind.

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If you’ve got a burning pain in the lower back, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. That said, you need to know what can cause a burning pain in the lower back so that you can properly deal with it.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the common causes of back pain. Better spinal health starts with knowing how different things can affect your spine, both positively and negatively. Keep reading, and you’ll be able to better diagnose your pains and improve your overall back health.

Pinched Nerves

A lot of back pain results from the compression or pinching of the nerves in your spine. Basically, your spine protects your spinal cord, which has nerves coming out through the spine. When the nerves meet a compressed space, you’re going to have that burning pain in the lower back.

As per Dr. Lindsay Clark, pinched nerves aren’t too serious and can be treated with rest, stretching, and anti-inflammatory medications.

Herniated Disc

Your spine is made up of a series of vertebrae that are stacked on top of one another. In between the vertebrae, there are cushioned discs that act as shock absorbers.

A herniated disc occurs when some of the liquid inside of the disc seeps out. This can be an unavoidable part of aging, but it’s also a common result of poor posture or bad body mechanics.

Most herniated discs can be treated with a combination of medication and physical therapy. Take the long-term view and find a good chiropractor for your back pain.

Sciatic Nerve Damage

Sciatica can be difficult to deal with. It may start with the burning sensation in the lower back, but it could also spread to the back of the legs. Further symptoms would include sharp pain that starts in the pelvis and radiates down the legs.

This often begins with a pinched sciatic nerve and requires physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medication.

Lumbar Radiculitis

Lumbar radiculitis can stem from arthritis in your spine’s facet joints or a herniated disc. The burning, painful sensation occurs when the nerves of your lower spine are irritated. It can enter your buttocks and upper legs in addition to your lower back.

This pain can sometimes be alleviated by changing your position, but if it persists, you’ll need anti-inflammatories and radiculopathy exercises. You can prevent this by exercising and eating well to maintain a healthy weight.

More Serious Causes

In more serious scenarios, the burning pain in your lower back could be a symptom of neurological disorders like fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. With fibromyalgia, it’s often the most used areas that suffer – your lower back is one of them.

MS is a disease that causes damage to the nerve fibers that run from your spinal cord to the brain. The pain from MS often manifests as a burning sensation, and the back is one of the most common areas for pain.

It’s important to see your physician if you have lower back pain that persists beyond medication and therapy.

What Can Cause a Burning Pain In the Lower Back

Now that we’ve discussed what can cause a burning pain in the lower back, it’s time to see your doctor and find out what’s really going on. Although back pain is a common thing for people of all ages to suffer through, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Getting your pain diagnosed will put you on the path to recovery and comfort.

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