Why Should I Support Sustainable Flower Farms?

Did you know that 40% of the world’s population works in some form of agriculture?

Of course, the big shift these days is moving away from outdated or harmful practices and into sustainable farming methods. From vegetable fields to flower farms, more and more companies are choosing eco-friendly growing options.

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What do you need to know about sustainable farming? More importantly, how can you show your support? Keep reading for the answers!

What Is Sustainable Farming?

Climate change is no longer a theory or a myth — it’s a scientific reality. More individuals and companies now understand the importance of reducing their carbon footprint and doing their part to help the environment.

What about flower farms? Here are some of the key ways they’re becoming more sustainable:

  • Using little or no pesticide sprays
  • Replacing plastic products with biodegradable products
  • Upcycling, composting, and repurposing
  • More efficient waste management
  • Recycling water and other natural resources

The good news is that many responsible companies, including monthly flower delivery services, are jumping on the sustainable farming bandwagon. The key is finding them and giving them your support!

Why Support Local Flower Farms?

It’s easy to buy flowers at your nearest supermarket. So why go through the trouble of seeking out sustainable flower farms in your area?

Consider three important reasons.

1. Fresh, Seasonal Flower Selection

If you order an exotic flower bouquet online, it could take days or even a week to reach you. During the transportation process, the quality of the flowers and their shelf life start to decline.

Contrast that with local farms that grow flowers that are in season in your particular locale. Every few months, there will be new and beautiful options to choose from. One season you might get a peony bouquet; the next, a bouquet of sunflowers or dahlias.

Best of all, local flowers can be cut in the morning and displayed on your kitchen countertop in the afternoon. You can’t find that level of freshness anywhere else!

2. Helping the Habitat & Wildlife

The bees, birds, insects, and wildlife in your area rely on local plants and flowers for their survival. You’ve no doubt seen the headlines about bees dying at alarming rates, which could have a serious impact on our planet’s sustainability in the future.

Supporting local flower farms means supporting the local habitat and wildlife, which is a win-win for everyone.

3. Supporting Small Business Owners

Local growers work long hours and don’t always receive enough recognition for their efforts. Rather than spending your money at a huge corporate supermarket chain, why not give your support to these hard-working men and women in your local community?

Visit a Sustainable Flower Farm Near You

The reasons to support sustainable farms are clear. The next time you Google “flower farms near me,” be sure to look for companies that use eco-friendly farming methods.

That way, you’ll be doing your part to support local businesses and help the planet!

Flower farms aren’t the only topic of discussion on the table today.

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