change hair style
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Your Guide For Changing Your Hairstyle

A new hairstyle can be just the right move to build confidence in your appearance and to feel like a new you. There are many different styles to try as you consider the defining factors of your head shape and hair texture. From daring cuts to temporary extensions, searching for a new hairstyle is an exciting and reinventing way of discovering new parts of yourself. 

change hair style
Image source: Forbes

Dye Your Hair 

To determine the right hair color for you, you need to find a shade that goes with your skin tone and highlights your natural features. Both lighter and darker hair can suit you depending on the type of skin tone you have. Checking to see if you are warm-toned or cool-toned can greatly increase your chances of finding a color that will make you seem more vibrant. The color you choose should never dull your complexion. 

Further along the process, you must decide how much color you want added to your hair. You can choose among a full-head, lowlights, highlights, ombre, or balayage. Lowlights and highlights add depth to your hair, showing a more dramatic effect against the natural color of your hair. The result of a balayage is to produce a soft, warm tone as if your hair has lightened up after being in the sun. Ombre is a low-maintenance look that creates a dark root and ends in a lighter tip, varying on the hues that suit your skin tone. 

Get a Cut or Extensions

Deciding to chop off your hair can be intimidating, so you should think about a few things before you do. Take into consideration what kind of face shape you have and the texture of your hair. Know the amount of time you have to get ready in the morning. Use the 5.5-centimeter rule to see if longer or shorter hair suits you more.  

On the other hand, you can try something more temporary like extensions. The least permanent style is clip-in hair extensions, which are easy to do at home and easy to remove. Extensions that require professional help can be tape-in hair extensions Denver, which are considered semi-permanent from how long they last before needing to reapply. Further options to consider are weaves, fusion hair extensions, microlinks, and even a full-headed wig. 

Get a Fringe or Fade

A fringe is a low-risk option to try. The texture and length can vary depending on the frame of your face. Some people like the fringe falling forward. Others like it to be swept across or away from their forehead.

Another hairstyle you can try is a fade, which is essentially shaving down the sides and back of your head until it blends with the skin. Something similar to this is an undercut, which has been very popular recently. It is like a fade in the sense that you cut down on the same areas, but the top is left noticeably longer. With an undercut, there is no attempt to blend the different lengths of hair. 

Choosing a new hairstyle should be an adventure where you are unafraid to find your real self. Have fun with it!

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