50 HD Genius Quotes Typography Wallpapers


Decoration of the wallpaper on your tablets, mobiles or PCs, says a lot about you, so like us, we are certain you are always looking for amazing stuff to decorate that canvas. What’s better than to include certain design elements in a wallpaper, design elements that you would otherwise employ ...

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Multilingual Store: 30 Newest WPML Ready WooCommerce Templates

WooCommerce Templates

Running a webstore is a much-needed part of a successful, profitable enterprise that develops with confidence. However, doing this may seem a big deal that requires a lot of additional knowledge and skills. When it comes to launching a multilingual webstore, the case becomes even more complicated. Many webstore engines ...

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Why a Graphics Design Degree Really Matters?

graphic design degree

Is a graphic design degree really worth it? Many have asked this question in the past and continue to ask this question even today. The economic outlook isn’t great and while tuition costs continue to rise, unemployment doesn’t seem to be improving a whole lot lately – despite what the ...

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10 Superlative Mobile App UX/UI Trends To Watch In 2015

The Wearable market can't be ignored

Every year, the mobile market unveils a new list of design trends that are essential to create a remarkable application. There is no debate whether the mobile apps will hold the reins in the future or not. The analytics and stats have already made the things quite clear. Believe it ...

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A handy guideline WP installation on LEMP Stack


Those who aren’t aware LEMP software stack, let me explain you- it’s basically a group of software that can be used to render dynamic web pages and web applications. It includes any distribution of Linux, Apache, and PHP as a model and MySQL. Today, in this tutorial I am going ...

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