40 Useful PHP Classes and Libraries for Efficient Development

PHP is a scripting language that also happens to be the most popular in the domain. It is famously used in web development and may not be all that easy to learn for newbies, but it certainly does work wonders and magic.

50 Flat WordPress Themes

“When flat-design comes to mechanical engineering, it will probably give us flat cars:)”

The Web Design Trends That Are No Longer Trendier

For better or worse, web design trends keep fluctuating at a breakneck speed. What’s insanely in vogue today might as well turn obsolete in a few weeks, and this spreads out to just about every web design trends that is out there.

10 Free Tools to Monitor a Brand’s Online Reputation

When running a business online, one needs to be constantly aware of how the brand one represents is holding out with the customers. It is absolutely essential to assure positive online reputation. For one, stores that run solely online have the tendency to receive negativity more often

10 Best Instagram Business Tools

Instagram is a lot more than posting pictures of food you eat and selfies you probably are crazy about. Instagram is a photo-sharing application, whereby you can use it to post pictures that you take every day, on top of offering you plenty of filters in order