How Your Favorite TV Shows Lure You Online


If you are a big TV watcher and you have television shows that you are always sure to watch every week, whether you DVR them or cancel all plans to watch them when they air, it’s pretty likely you’ve spent some time online checking out info about your favorite shows. …

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15 Corporate Business Responsive Mobile Web Templates From w3Layouts


HTML5 and CSS3 based designs are now commonly used by many web developers and designers in making a perfect website. Nearly all developers are sharing great free resources based on HTML5 and CSS3. They are putting forth some cool templates with great features that millions of website owners around the …

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Best Touchscreen PCs You Can Buy Right Now

Touchscreen PCs

The touchscreen revolution is here. Today, everything has a screen. We expect to be able to interact with everything through touch. It is disappointing to touch a screen and have nothing happen. More than disappointing, it is a little bit surprising. Everything from children’s toys to cash machines have screens …

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