The Best Sexual Positions for Male Pleasure

On average, couples have sex once a week, which shows how many of us seek pleasure in the sheets.

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Finding the top sexual positions is key to a great time and bonding with your partner. But, if you don’t broaden your horizon, you’ll end up missing out on an incredible time in the bedroom. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to learn the latest moves and need a nudge in the right direction.

Sounds like you? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best sexual positions for men.


One of the best sexual positions for male pleasure is “The Cowgirl”. This puts your partner in control while giving your hands the opportunity to roam.

Or, if you want a change, try reverse cowgirl. As the name suggests, this position lets you go deeper into your partner as you rock your hips back and forth.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is another fan favorite for male pleasure. Men love the rear-entry position because it lets them set the speed and enjoy deep penetration. On the flip side, their partner loves the intense, full feeling and always leaves feeling satisfied.

Standing Up

Out of all the kinds of sex positions, standing up is the go-to when you need a quickie. The beauty is that you can try this position in different scenarios. For instance, it could be over your home office desk or on the kitchen countertop.

The Valedictorian

“The Valedictorian” is a better version of the classic “Missionary”. In this move, the man will put his partner’s ankles by his shoulders, making her legs into a “V”. Many men love this position because it encourages plenty of eye contact.

Lay Both on Your Sides

On the hunt for relaxed sexual positions? Then, start by laying both on your sides.

You can either turn your partner around or face one another for an intimate move. It also gives both of you control over the speed and intensity.

The Butterfly

Another favorite is “The Butterfly”, especially if you want an intense sexual position. Ask your partner to lie on the edge of the bed while you enter them, either while standing or on your knees. You’ll love “The Butterfly” because it puts you in the dominant role so you can take full control.

You could also try “The Lotus” where both of you sit upright. Then, your partner will straddle you so that they take control by being on top. Both of you will love the deep penetration and intimacy.

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Try the Best Sexual Positions Today

Hopefully, you’re using the best sexual positions to elevate your game in the bedroom.

There are endless positions for sexual positions, from trying “The Butterfly” or “The Valedictorian”. Men should also try entering while laying on their side and the classic “Doggy”. Which will you choose?

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