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Ways to Enhance Your Beauty for Your First Date

When you choose to start dating and looking for that ‘one’ partner, you do know what are you getting yourself into. You want to meet, talk, experience, and enjoy the experience, but not wait too long to know if you’ve met your match.

first date make up
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However, the thrill might still leave you excited enough that you could forget or overdo for the first date. To ease your preparation and help you relieve at least some of the anxiety, here is a checklist for the date day.

Body peeling the day before

To ensure that every part of the skin that you decide to show (or not, the choice is completely up to you and the occasion) looks and feels smooth as a baby’s, add the body peeling twice a week. There is a home receipt – mix sugar and olive oil in proportions 2:1 and use it as a scrub before using shower cream. Regular use deals with ingrown hairs, dry skin and can even help with hard skin on the feet.

Face mask 

Whether you are using face masks regularly or not, always have a hydrating one so that you can plump the skin before an important event or in the case of a sleepless night. The face masks should be used two or three times a week. For the date, use it the night before or just before the makeup for that extra special freshness. For dullness, use a mask with vitamin C or niacinamide, for oily or combination skin, the one with tea tree oil, and for the sensitive, it’s best to stick to the hydrating masks.

First date makeup tips for base

Ideally, the person you are meeting for a date will be seeing you on many occasions for years to come. As you want to know with whom you’re dealing, so does the person you are meeting. So show who you are. Your skin should be freshly looking, taken care of, and subtly glowing, and you might opt for a natural look of your skin for the first date. But if you are usually the full coverage queen, go for that! Remember that you should feel good.

First date makeup tips for eyes and lips

The eyes and lips are often the most prominent parts of our faces, and we can enhance our beauty by enhancing them. If you love and prefer wearing bold makeup, go all out! Show your skill and what you love to create. The flirty look from the eyes will be great paired with beautiful long eyelashes. The professionals from Lash Blossom advise on choosing the lashes that go the best with your usual style, whether those are laminated, individual, or strip lashes. For the lip department, if you could imagine yourself allowing kisses, it may be better to consider nudes before flashy colors, and don’t overdo the gloss! You want them kissable, not from Vogue.

Haircare for the first date

You already decided that you want to impress, and that is completely normal. However, if you’ve exchanged pictures beforehand, it might not be a good idea to have a dramatic makeover just before your date. Usual beachy waves and soft curls circle the face, making you look sultry but effortless. If you rock a pixie or any shorter haircut, your usual styling process should remain the same – you don’t want to show that the only thing you spend your time on is hair (except if you are a hairstylist).

The clothes YOU feel confident in

The whole outfit is what might keep you deciding for days. When you decide on the first date location and activity for the date, you can continue to narrow down the perfect combination. If you are thinking about buying new clothes, think about it. If it isn’t a piece you wanted to buy for some time, you might go for a piece you like. Maybe it’s best to avoid surprises as you don’t want to wear stilettos on the grass field. Wear the clothes that make you feel good, comfortable, but most importantly confident!

Smile and pay attention

Apart from the preparation of your body, you should also prepare mentally for meeting new people. No matter how long ago was your last relationship, leave a time to learn about and pamper yourself. If you aren’t happy with yourself, it is hard to provide and feel the same excitement and care from others. Get it going with your friends, get into a new hobby, travel on your own, go to therapy. Take the time to learn to appreciate your needs and your own pace. Thus you will also know what you want from a relationship better.

If you don’t want to stay, don’t

Lastly, whenever we meet someone new, we might feel the pressure to spend time together even though we don’t like the person. Unfortunately, if you don’t like a person you have met and you are supposed to spend a few hours together, they can turn awkward quickly. If they have lied about their years, appearance, or anything really, and you just don’t feel good, excuse yourself and go. You don’t own your time and pleasantries to anyone. Say that you don’t want to continue the date and that you would like to spend that time differently. Normalize saying ‘no’ and respecting yourself in every situation. You got this!

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