protect your garden furniture
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How to protect your garden furniture from the elements

Your garden furniture can be an expensive purchase that you are looking forward to enjoying for seasons on end. However, garden furniture needs protection from the elements in order to remain in good condition.

protect your garden furniture
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By placing your garden furniture under a garden furniture cover you will protect it against the rain, snow and sun damage. A garden furniture cover is available for almost all garden furniture types including garden chairs, garden benches, garden tables and more. 

Read on to find out about some of the ways your garden furniture can be protected by using a garden furniture cover.

1) Protection from the Rain

You may choose not to place your outdoor table and chairs outside during particularly bad weather such as heavy downpours or thunderstorms which could lead to excess water damage. However, garden furniture covers are also ideal for protecting garden furniture from the elements when placed outside in moderate conditions. A garden furniture cover will protect your garden table and chairs against light showers and occasional rainfall that does not saturate the ground which could lead to excess water damage.

2) Protection from Snow Damage

Protecting garden furniture with garden furniture covers also helps prevent damage caused by snow. The weight of heavy snowfall can cause garden furniture to crack or snap if left out during extremely cold weather. Garden benches especially may be at risk as they are usually larger than other garden furnishings meaning more weight on one area. Using a garden bench cover will help to ease the pressure on joints and expose less areas of wood which prevents moisture from soaking into garden furniture and loosening joints.

3) Protection from Sun Damage

Garden furniture that is left outside all year round in the sun without proper protection can be prone to discoloration and damage. Garden furniture covers help protect garden furniture against fading and weathering which can cause garden tables and chairs to lose their colour over time leaving them looking worn and weathered. A garden table cover will also help prevent garden tables from cracking or warping if excess heat causes garden benches, garden chairs or garden tables to expand slightly during summer months when placed under direct sunlight.

4) Protection for Pests

Finally, a garden furniture cover offers great protection from common garden pests such as wasps which can cause painful stings if they build nests in garden furniture crevices or garden benches. Protecting garden furniture against garden pests by using garden bench covers will also prevent plants, leaves and other debris from accumulating in garden benches which could lead to the formation of mould over time causing your garden furniture to look dirty and unsightly.

Garden furniture is a staple of summer, with garden dining sets perfect for spending long days al fresco and garden loungers ideal for relaxing in garden nooks.

But garden furniture can take a battering from wind and rain over the winter months, suffering regular exposure to showers and potentially snow too. To give your garden furniture year-round protection from the elements, here’s how you might go about it . . .

Cover the garden furniture completely in a protective waterproof garden furniture cover. For an extra layer of security against wet weather conditions, add a cover over any cushions on garden chairs or sun loungers. This will keep them dry while also protecting them from dust. If you have removable outdoor cushions, invest in garden furniture covers with ties or elasticized straps at each corner to keep them securely on garden chairs and sun loungers.

Cover garden furniture after dark and remove any garden furniture covers before the sun rises, as this lessens the chance of garden furniture fading by up to 50 percent.

Remove garden furniture covers regularly to allow damp air to escape, and then wipe down your outdoor tableware with a kitchen roll to avoid water marks if it does rain while you are out of the garden.

Make sure garden furniture is dry before storing away for winter or covering up for protection from weather conditions. This will help prevent mould growth later on, which could make garden furniture less comfortable to use next summer.


Garden furniture covers are an easy way to protect garden tables, garden chairs and garden benches from the elements. Although garden furniture is designed to withstand weather conditions over time, garden furniture covers can act as a deterrent against excess water damage which could lead to garden furniture warping over time. Storing away your garden dining sets and garden loungers in garden furniture covers during winter months will help garden tables, garden chairs and garden benches retain their appearance for next summer too.

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