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4 Reasons Why Veteran Clothing Sports Pride

1. Old School Represents


They don’t make them like they used to. The patriotism of the American has become a dying breed. There are no longer that many veterans left. The veterans from World War I are almost all dead by now. There are also not that many veterans from World War II as well. If you happen to see a veteran from World War II you will notice he is wearing some veteran clothing. 

His clothing is most likely a hat which identifies the battleship he was on. Or perhaps it states the branch of the military he was in. There are more men alive from the Korean War and even more from Desert storm or the Iraq war. Of course there are also those who have fought in the Afghan territory as well as the Iran territory. 

Veteran clothing started from those who supported the branch they were in or as stated earlier the exact battleship they were on. This exudes an extreme amount of pride in their service to our country.

2. New School

For those men and women who have served in the Iraq war they sport a different attire of veteran clothing. In fact they are the new school. This new school has become much more adapted to wearing clothing articles made by companies rather than the US military. They embrace these companies for their expressions. They also encourage their family and friends to support these fun veteran clothing articles they wear. 

These veterans are no different from the old school in the fact that they have just as much pride in their country because they served. This pride is exuded in their veteran clothing. When they walk around town they are proud to wear it and express their involvement, love and pride for their country. 

They will often wear these clothes to the gym when they work out in public as well. These veteran clothes Start up quite the amount of conversations with fellow Americans. Ask them which military branch they served and they will be happy to tell you for they have an extreme amount of pride in their veteran clothing.

3. Where They Wear It

Most veterans wear their veteran clothing in most public places. It does not matter if they are going to the grocery store for food or if they are picking up some supplies for the family at target. It doesn’t matter who they are with either. They basically don’t give a flying heap of brown stuff because they have that much pride for their country. 

They don’t care where they wear their veteran clothing because it matters so much to them. It is ingrained in the very fabric of who they are as men and women. They are Americans. Citizens of the United States of America And they will wear their veteran clothing wherever they damn please. 

Wearing veteran clothing outside the house encourages youngsters to take an interest in their country. One may even ask a veteran which war they fought in. The veteran will be most likely happy to engage in conversation with this youngster. Because these veterans wear their veteran clothing out in the public it encourages so much curiosity to other fellow Americans. It allows us to learn more about ourselves as Americans and even as just plain old human beings.

4. Veteran Couples

It is not uncommon for men and women to meet in the military. Sometimes these people even get married to each other. You may have seen some of these couples out in public. You may not only have seen them but have seen them both wearing veteran clothing on the same day. Not only do these couples have so much love for each other but they also have so much love and pride for having served their country. 

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