5 Quick Tricks for Beating Insomnia

Studies show that at least ten percent of the population struggles with insomnia. In certain studies, these numbers are estimated to be as much as fifty percent. So if you’re having problems falling asleep, you’re far from alone.

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Not getting enough sleep has many adverse health effects. It can cause you to be excessively sleepy during the day, which makes concentrating difficult. Staying productive, keeping a healthy weight, and staying safe while driving all rely on you getting enough restful sleep each night.

So what do you do when insomnia strikes? There are several options you can take to help yourself fall asleep. Continue reading to learn five quick tricks for beating insomnia.

1. Try Supplements

If your insomnia is ongoing, using a supplement may help. For example, you can try taking sleep aid gummies a few minutes before going to bed. These gummies contain melatonin and a combination of useful all-natural herbs.

Gummies not your thing? Drinking a cup of warm tea or glass of warm milk may also help. Simply taking a multivitamin each day and drinking enough water may be slightly helpful, too.

2. Ditch the Phone

Multiple studies have been done on phone usage at or before bedtime. Studies like this one have proven phones can be a significant disruption to the natural sleep cycle. Avoiding the phone at least half an hour before bed may help you beat insomnia.

3. Keep To a Schedule

Keeping a regular waking and bedtime schedule can help improve your sleep by regulating your body’s natural circadian rhythm. The schedule should even be kept on the weekends, whenever possible. Not all will it help you fall asleep easier, but also wake up easier in the mornings.

4. Skip the Naps

Many people love their naps, but these daytime rests can make falling asleep at night difficult. If you need a nap, aim to keep it around twenty minutes. This is often enough time to give your body a small reset to finish the day but short enough not to disrupt your bedtime.

5. Use Mindful Breathing

Need a quick insomnia fix right now? Mindful breathing may be the answer to your sleep-related problems.

Some people find it helpful to count each breath, as this may help clear your mind further. Keep up this mindful breathing until you fall asleep, which should happen within five (or ten) minutes.

More Questions About Beating Insomnia?

Many people find it difficult to sleep. Use one of the five quick tricks above to help lull yourself to sleep when this happens to you. It may take a little practice, but it should help you get some much-needed rest.

Do you have more questions about beating insomnia?

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