The Story Behind Male Pornstars Lasting Long In Sex

It was on a Sunday afternoon sometime in December 2014. Alone and getting extremely bored then I remembered her. She was at one time a co-worker of mine and I really never paid much attention to her when she gave me her phone number one day saying “call me up whenever you get lonely and bored”. I had my eyes on another co-worker and didn’t want to jeopardize my chances. Therefore I totally forgot her until that fateful December 2014.

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One Of The Worst Sexual Performances

So I called her and immediately she came on the phone, said something like “so you are lonely and bored at last”. I confirmed that I was and asked her where we can meet. At her’s or my apartment. She told me to come over to her apartment and she sent me the address by text message. I got to her apartment and we started to talk, laugh, evoke memories of the time we worked together, and sipping drinks little by little. One thing lead to another and before you know it, we were having sex but I was unable to perform as I expected. 


Although she did not complain, yet I was not satisfied with the way I performed. I did not have the strong erection that I usually had what with the stress and overwork I had been going through coupled with some other psychological factors. I started to give all kinds of excuses and she just smiled at me and told me I did a good job. Then she handed me a bombshell. She told me how she heard from someone that I was fantastic in sex and that was why she wanted me in the first place not forgetting to remind me when she gave me her phone number. She was confident I would call her someday and she was prepared to wait for things to fall into place. I was flattered of course but then, how can I fulfill her expectations?


Porn Movies And Emulating The Stars

You know what? I told her straight to her face that I will be able to perform a lot better the next time we come together if we did at all. I was thinking she will dump me after such a woeful sexual performance and there will never be the next time. I was wrong. No problems, just make sure you learn how to do male porn stars last so long in sex, come back and we take it from there she said. What a remarkable woman? She was not judging me by my first performance like many women would have done and dumped me for a no sexually good man that I was but she decided to give me a second chance to prove myself. I was ready and would try to fulfill her expectations of me. The male ego kicked in at this point. It was my sexual reputation at stake at this point. Women talk you know!


Google Became A friend

The first thing I did when I got home started my computer and try to find every information I can get about the secrets which can turn male pornstars into sex machines. Of course, my first and only destination was Google. You can find just about any information you need on Google. Google is a kind of “Mr. Know It All” because every question you ask, every query you submit is always returned with an answer. Of course, I typed “The secrets of male porn stars” and Google displayed a bunch of websites with different topics and images. 


Revelation From Times Of India

After I Googled the search phrase “the secrets of male pornstars” and the search results appeared, my eyes caught a publication by the Times Of India about how a particular male porn star revealed the secret he uses to maintain long erections while on the set filming with female actresses. I must confess that the article opened my eyes and made me realize that as the Americans would say “No male pornstar can claim no sexual prowess without no help”. LOL!


Female Pornstars Claim Male Colleagues Use Help

It was an interview with one of the most popular female porn stars Kayden Kross in which she claimed that she knew and had seen her male colleagues pop in a pill or two before performance just to help them with erections and lasting long in sex. This is quite interesting to know as I have seen those male stars perform and have envied them in many ways not as much as in their sexual performances but in the most beautiful and sexiest women they had.


Finding The Answers To How Male Pornstars Last So Long In Sex

Now I had a clue. It is true after all that male pornstars each have their secret ways of performing sexually. I needed to find the answer to the following questions: 


What do male pornstars use to last long?

Do they use any medication or supplements? Yes, they do as Kayden has revealed but what and which supplements?


I Had To Find Out On My Own

Believe me, I did. I found this herbal based product which almost all the most popular pornstars have claimed of using at one time or the other in their career as a very good candidate as the best male sexual enhancement product. The product is an herbal product, can help solve a vast majority of male sexual abnormalities and as well help to boost a man’s sexual confidence. Now, if anybody asks me how do pornstars last so long in sex, I can confidently give a positive answer that I really do know because I know. Period!


I would Like To Conclude My Post

I am sure there are lots and lots of solutions out there whether herbal or even pharmaceutical company made medications for male erections, but I would prefer what is safe not only in consumption but in other aspects as well.

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