A Complete Guide to Hair Color Trends in 2021

Did you know that many women are happy to express themselves outside of the office while working remotely? Millions of people around the world were forced to stay home last year.

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Being physically away from the office gave employees and students a break from strict dress codes. This means more freedom for self-expression through fashion and hairstyles!

Are you still enjoying your hair color freedom? Read our guide on the latest hair color trends 2021 has to offer you!

Red Is the New Black

Newbies into the hair color world were excited to begin their journey. But where would they begin?

The easiest way for brunettes to experiment with hair color is by shifting to a nearby hue. Red became their new black (or dark brown).

Red hair is an easy way to add vibrancy to any outfit and sense of style. Red is available in a wide variety of tones, shades, and temperatures.

Vibrant reds will require bleach, however, cool and subtle reds can be achieved from the comfort of your home!

Ginger Hairstyle Trends

Many women have dreamed of having bright orange hair. This hue is commonly referred to as a ginger color.

Ginger refers to the natural hair color of people who are born with red hair. Ginger hair can be achieved easily for natural blondes since their hair is light enough to absorb the color.

Brunettes, however, will have to lighten their hair in order for the ginger hue to show up on their head.

It is always recommended that you seek professional help when it comes to the bleaching of hair.

This is because bleach can severely damage your hair if not administered properly. Take care of your hair and do everything you can to keep it healthy like seeking professional assistance.

Are you curious about giving orange hair a try? There are plenty of celebrity inspiration photos to get you started. Results may vary but you are sure to love your new hair color!

How to Do Blonde the Right Way

Blonde hair has always been in style. However, as mentioned earlier, achieving blonde hair can be a dangerous journey for your hair and scalp.

Begin the blonde process by nourishing your hair and scalp before the dye ever touches them. Prepping your hair beforehand is the secret to reducing damage caused by bleach.

It is also a good idea to secure a clean environment to bleach your hair in. Make sure you have all of the necessary equipment like gloves and eye protection.

If you decide to bleach your hair at home, you will need a mixing bowl and applicator as well. Bleaching your hair will take some time so make sure you have plenty of free hours as well!

Blonde hair requires toning to achieve your desired shade of blonde. Consider investing in a purple toner to achieve the classic blonde look.

Green Hair Don’t Care!

Have you ever seen someone rocking green hair? This hair color is so fierce! As more people stay home, they are experimenting with hair colors like never before.

Green hair is the latest fashion trend to try this Summer. As climate change continuously spreads through the Earth, green hair reminds us that we live on a lush and beautiful planet.

Green hair is a bold statement that helps create a sense of vitality in your everyday style. Are you working from home or remotely? 

Try out the green hair trend to keep your style exciting as you lunge around your comfortable home. Browse through your plant collection to find the perfect shade of green to try.

Cool Blue Shades to Try This Summer

Another festive way to support Earth is by dying your hair the color blue. Our blue planet is transitioning into a new stage of change and so are you!

Blue hair can help you stay cool through a record-breaking Summer. Blue shades are the perfect contrast to warm outfit tones as well.

Light blue has especially popular this Summer. Aquamarines and turquoise that dive into the green color family are reminiscent of the ocean.

Colors like these are perfect to try during Summer 2021. Think about the endless outfit combinations that you can pair your new hair colr with!

Summer 2021 Hair Color Trends

Summer 2021 is the season for hair color experimentation. For example, mixing hair colors is the newest trend to try.

Some individuals even dye half their hair one color and the other half a different color! This is the easiest way to test colors on your hair as well.

Feeling extra bold? The rainbow hair trends allow you to try out every possible color on your hair this Summer.

Will you enjoy a pastel rainbow or a neon rainbow hairstyle? The possibilities are endless! It is important to note that this process will definitely require the use of bleach.

If you want an Instagram-worthy rainbow hairstyle then consider booking an appointment with a professional hairstylist.

Purple Hair Color Trends to Transition Into Autumn

Purple hair is the safest hair color to try out this Summer if you want to be prepared for Autumn as well.

Purple hair can be gradually darkened throughout the Summer months so that you reach the perfect shade by the time Fall arrives.

This hair color can be achieved through mahogany and burgundy dyes. However, purple is available in other warm and cool tones as well.

No matter what shade you choose, you will be set for not one but two seasons! What shade of purple will you choose?

How to Refreshen Your Pink Hair From Spring

If you follow women’s hair color trends then you most likely had pink hair this spring. This is because pink hair is perfect for Springtime.

Pink hair resembles cherry blossom sightings that Spring is famous for in places like Japan. Did you know that you can refreshen your pink hair to be perfect for Summertime?

Simply add a touch of orange or neon pink to your light pink hair to prepare your hair color for the vibrancy of Summer!

Pink hair is a very feminine statement which is why is one of the most popular hairstyle trends for women.

Pink hair can be worn by any individual who wants to spread the loving vibes that pink hair has to offer!

Adding Color With Highlights

Highlights are one of the safest ways to play with color in your hair. If you do not want to risk damaging your entire head of hair with bleach then consider adding highlights this Summer!

Highlights can be added anywhere to your hair. They are most commonly placed around your face. This creates a face-framing effect that can accentuate your natural beauty.

You can create as many highlights as you wish as well. Each highlight can be a different color if you desire.

Highlights can be achieved through a style known as the ombre technique. An ombre refers to the transition of hair color down your hair shaft.

It is most common to stay brunette to blonde ombre, however, you can decide what the color gradient is as well.

Balayage Is Here to Stay

Balayage became popular in 2019 for its subtle effects on the hair. Balayage refers to a technique of highlighting that creates a halo effect.

It is si popular because it can be used in any color and typically creates a lifting illusion. This is because it mimics the way light naturally shines onto the head of someone with healthy hair.

Curious about the balayage cost? It may not be as expensive as you think! Consult with your local stylist about what your options are.

Hidden Hair Color Trends 2021

If your remote work days are numbered then consider the hidden hair color trend. The hidden hair color trend refers to coloring the undergrowth of your hair.

This area of hair is typically hidden from normal angles so it is easy to hide a vibrant color under the top layer of your hair!

If you want to show off your hidden vibrant hair color, simply put your hair into an updo and your secret is revealed! 

Now You Know How to Color Your Hair in 2021

Now you know all about the latest hair color trends 2021 has to offer. What will you try first? Be sure to seek professional recommendations and enjoy the journey into your new hairstyle!

Still in need of inspiration? Be sure to check out the rest of our blog posts to receive the latest tips and lifestyle trends!

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