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Teeth Whitening: How to Whiten Your Teeth Without Damaging Them

We all love white teeth because it enhances your appearance and boost self-confidence. But there is a different reason for that your teeth get stained and lose their brightness. Certain foods are responsible for tooth staining. They mainly target the outermost layer of your teeth, which is known as tooth enamel. Additionally, plaque and bacterial build-up make your teeth yellow.

whiten teeth
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The primary level of discoloration can be treated with routine cleaning and teeth whitening remedies. In some instances, your teeth appear yellow because hard enamel has destroyed and unveiled the dentin beneath them. Our dentin is yellow bony tissue beneath the upper layer of teeth, which is known as teeth enamel.

This article will give you some tips to make your teeth visibly white without damaging the teeth’ enamel. 

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Simple ways to make your teeth visibly white

Practice oil pulling

Oil pulling is a very old method of teeth whitening. It also improves your total oral hygiene and eliminates toxins from the body. The basic way involves swishing oil around in your mouth, and remove remaining food particles, bacteria, which may form plaque in the future and make your teeth white. Extra virgin Coconut oil is a very good option for oil pulling, but you can use sunflower, sesame oil for the process.

But dentists always suggest using coconut oil, as it contains lauric acid, which has the ability to alleviate swelling, inflammation, kill bacteria. So, coconut oil is also good for your gum health, cure primary signs of gingivitis.

Research study has been proved that streptococcus mutants’ bacteria is responsible for plaque build-up and gingivitis. But daily swishing with coconut or sesame oil naturally alleviates the growth of bacteria and destroys the plaque build-up. This simple practice makes your teeth whiter and brighter.

Take one tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish the oil through your teeth. Try to continue the oil pulling for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Coconut oil pulling does not expose your teeth to any acidic component that decays your enamel. It is an entirely safe procedure so that you can perform it regularly.

Brush with Baking soda

Baking soda is a natural tooth whitening reagent and a vital ingredient of commercial toothpaste.

It has a very mild corrosive property and has the capacity to clean superficial strain of teeth. Moreover, baking soda is an alkaline reagent. So, it neutralizes the acidic environment of the mouth and prevents bacterial growth, plaque formation.

It is not an instant tooth whitening remedy; the aftereffect is gradual. Teeth strain will fade away gradually. You have to keep patient. 

We would not suggest brushing your teeth with plain baking soda because of its corrosive effect. Whereas mixing baking soda with toothpaste is relatively good to get a tooth whitening effect. Baking soda is super effective in eliminating the yellow stain. The higher the amount of baking soda, the better the effect.

You can use baking soda as a tooth whitening home remedy. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of water, and brush your teeth with the baking soda paste. Do not apply regularly. Use it a maximum of three times a week. Regular use of baking soda may offer corrosive results and decay your teeth’ enamel.

Use hydrogen peroxide

We all know that hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a natural bleaching agent capable of killing bacteria in your mouth. Even doctors use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect wounds as it can assassinate the bacteria.

Many teeth whitening products are prepared with H2O2 for better results. It has been used in many commercial teeth whitening reagents and toothpaste.

However, before using hydrogen peroxide, you have to take care of its concentration. Diluted hydrogen peroxide is relatively safe for your teeth. Highly concentrated H2O2 may irritate your gum and increase tooth sensitivity. Even high doses may cause cancer.

Diluted hydrogen peroxide works as a mouthwash, and you can use it before brushing. Dentists always suggest using 1.5-3% of the solution to avoid any harmful effect. You will get 3% hydrogen peroxide solution at the drugstore. You can use it as it is or make 1.5% by diluting it with water.

You can mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda to make homemade toothpaste. Mix these two components in a 2:1 ratio and make a paste. Next, gently brush your teeth with it. Please do not use it regularly. Limit the use of paste three times a week. Overuse of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can damage your tooth enamel and increase your tooth sensitivity.

Follow these essential remedies to make your teeth visibly white. We hope these will give you a better result without damaging tooth enamel. If you do not get a satisfactory result, then you may consult with a leading dermatologist. He may suggest teeth scaling and polishing to offer a dramatic outcome.

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