5 Things to Consider Before You Fill a Prescription

Did you know that medication errors cause an average of 7,000 deaths per year? More than that, the total cost of these errors is reaching billions of dollars. With these increasing cases, you need to be more careful about filling a prescription.

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Whenever you get a new prescription, make sure to clear out your doubts. Most people forget to clear out their concerns and end up in more trouble.

Are you looking for ways to protect yourself from these dangers? Here are the five things you should consider before you fill a prescription.

1. Risks for Drug Interactions

Keep in mind that all prescription drugs both carry risks and benefits. While your new medication has approval from the FDA, it doesn’t mean they’re safe throughout your use.

Many patients, especially the elderly, have several prescription medications. These different medicines can affect one another when consumed. Because of that, the risks for drug interaction increase.

But prescription drugs aren’t your only concern. Other supplements and your diet can change the drug’s efficacy. Not only that but alcohol and recreational drugs can also cause harmful responses.

Make sure that your doctor is aware of all your medications and other supplements. They can prescribe you a drug that will work alongside your other meds.

2. Generic Medicine Options

Prescription meds can be heavy on the pocket, especially for maintenance medications. To save some of your medical costs, look for generic drugs. Unlike branded drugs, generic prescription drugs can save you hundreds of dollars.

When you visit a pharmacy, ask the pharmacists if your medication has a generic form. Doing this is more cost-efficient if you’re uninsured or have expensive medicines.

Another option you can go for is buying FDA-approved meds online. Sometimes, medicines from online pharmacies are more affordable. For instance, PricePro products and meds cost less.

3. Drug Side Effects

Many patients often neglect to take their medicines due to side effects. Others are even unaware that their medication has side effects.

When you fill a prescription, ask your doctor about the potential side effects of each drug. By becoming aware of the drug’s side effects, you can avoid getting into a medical emergency.

4. Prescription Drugs Dosage and Intake

Most medication error happens when patients mistake their medications’ dosage and intake. Talk to your doctor when you need your meds and how much you need to take. Aside from that, you can also ask the pharmacist about the dosage and intake of your medication.

Sometimes the conflict between your doctor and the pharmacist’s instructions happens. Make sure you get things cleared up before leaving the pharmacy.

5. Prescription Meds Coverage Availability

Insurance companies can sometimes limit your plan’s drug coverage. Doctors are often unaware of these limitations and prescribe an uncovered medicine. Before you end up with a hefty bill, call your insurance for clarification.

Factors to Consider Before You Fill a Prescription

Getting a new prescription is risky, especially if you’re not thorough in checking them. Due to that, medication errors can happen and become troublesome.

To avoid these mistakes, make sure to check everything before you fill a prescription. These things will let you know what to consider.

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