5 Ways to Keep Warm in Style at Events

For whatever reason, everyone sure loves to keep herself warm and snug at any event in any weather. Despite the prevailing COVID-19 disruptions and the world still grappling with the pandemic, life has to move forward and on. We were transposed to the digital world and were dished out invitations for online virtual events or limited-capacity social gatherings. One needs to be in style and fashionable for when an invite presents itself. 


However, we often find ourselves torn between pulling off an outfit that can be either too warm for winter and too cold for summer. This is similarly the equivalent of a color mismatch just on a different fashion element. Certainly, the mashing up of weather just makes it hard to shop for clothes. Sales strategies are also somewhat tricky these days.

Boutiques and other small businesses campaign their 70% off jackets during summer and then make a clearance sale of summer items during the coldest winter. You buy one and tell yourself “oh, it is going to be summer in a few months anyway” and then totally forget you have the item in due time or it might have already been out of fashion then. That is the perplexing and inexplicable reality. 

Luckily, there are 5 ways to up your wardrobe in the weather-responsive fashion game so that you can radiate class while keeping yourself warm throughout the year and whatever is on schedule. Check out your closet if you can cater any of these or make an online purchase without having to justify because surely, these will keep you warm all year long:


1. Play with denim jackets.

From a simple walk to the park, a webinar, or lunch out, the rule of thumb with denim jackets is to partner it with a t-shirt. This jacket is versatile; you can even make a look test and be surprised that it can be worn with almost anything. While the usual pairing with black jeans and sneakers is still a reliable trend, you can also wear it on top of your turtle neck shirt. If you want to keep it smart casual, your denim jacket can also complement your chinos, Oxford shirt and finish it with your set of loafers. Both men and women can rock this look. For embellishments, you can make use of scarves during the cold months and fedora hats, and silver jewelry under the sun. Denim jackets should be present in both a man’s and woman’s closets.


2. Try a sleek approach with a blazer.

If not in office attire, the usual style principle in wearing blazers is with a pair of jeans and a loose shirt. Not a lot would make a daring move to add more elements to this but you can also be more fashion-forward by wearing your blazer with some white pants for a business casual look. With this, you can attend your meetings during the day and go to another function with the same clothing but still look all fresh and made. If you are feeling girly, you may also try it over your dress. Cap any blazer look with your favorite high heels.

image13. Make it work with a cardigan

A wardrobe item like a cardigan never goes out of style. To make the most out of it, wear it over some straight-leg jeans and a t-shirt. The trend is usually oversized but you can have it your way. If you want to wear a cardigan to a formal event or in your office, it would look more professional with a pencil skirt, your favorite pumps, and a choker. Gowns with bolero or cardigan have become a thing too for the free-spirited millennials.


4. Go grunge with a leather jacket.

While this also remains a wardrobe must-have, remember that not all leather jackets can appear formal because based on the fashion book, this would still fall under street style. However, there are two leather jackets that you can use at any season and event. Shirt collar leather jackets and crop-style leather jackets can be worn over your loose long-sleeved tops, some tight-fitting jeans, and heels. Rest assured that these can still pass the front guards with their imposed attire rules on any occasion. 


5. Say yes to trench coats.

Especially the cream-colored ones for summer while darker-colored ones for the winter. It is not only winter when you should put this out of your closet as there can always be a few drizzles on a summer day. Also, the explanation why this made it to our list is because most trenches are made out of cotton, heavy canvas, or gabardine. These compositions are fashion and comfort responsive. Should you wish to wear this during the winter, it is not a standalone item, it should be worn with thicker clothing inside. As stylish as it always looks, this can be worn in both casual and formal events.

Consider these tips as the springboard for other more ideas you can try out on your own. Just a little mixing and matching can go a long way. As long as you feel good, cozy, comfortable, and dress code-responsive, there should be no problem.

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