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7 Tips to Help you Make Jambalaya

If you ask us, Jambalaya is one of the most flavorful, classic one-pot recipes that can satisfy just about any belly. Jambalaya is a special mouthwatering comfort food bursting with flavors from sausage, shrimp and chicken seasoned with just the right amount of cajon giving it that oh-so delicious warm flavor we enjoy. Although, relatively easy to make, not all jambalaya is created equal. Just like with any tasty dish, time and practice is key to perfecting any meal, but if you do not have the time to practice then keep reading! Here are 7 tips to help you make jambalaya


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1. Pick the right pot

When making jambalaya, it is so important to make sure you pick the right pot to cook in. You will have a lot of ingredients, so you really need a big pot or a dutch oven with a lid. Cast iron is a popular choice as it really helps to retain heat evenly cooking your jambalaya to perfection. 

2. Shop for quality ingredients

There is a lot of time and love that goes into an amazing bowl of jambalaya. Do yourself a favor and make sure the meat and vegetables you use are good quality to really help give your dish the best authentic flavor. Try opting for farm raised meat and organic vegetables to ensure the highest level of quality possible. 

3.Brown your vegetables

After browning your sausage, you will notice quite a bit of liquid in the pot from the fat, juices and leftover oil from cooking the meat. Try sautéing your vegetables in this as it will help to add more depth giving it a deeper and rich flavor! 

4. Pick the right rice

When making jambalaya, you will want to stick with long grain white rice which is more glutinous than other short grain varieties. Long grain white rice may take a little longer to cook however the short grain tends to turn into mush which can ruin your jambalaya in the long run. 

5. Pick a liquid

There are so many different ways to make jambalaya with many people opting for water to simmer all of the ingredients in, however if you are like us and looking to maximize flavor whenever and wherever you can, swap the water for a tasty chicken or pork stock! 

6. Do not overcook it

With many dishes like chili, soup and stew, you will find that the taste gets better with time. Jambalaya does not fall in this category as you do not want to over cook it for too long. When you overcook your jambalaya, you are cooking all of the moisture out of the dish causing it to become dry. 

7. Taste before you plate

Like mentioned above, there is a lot of time and love that goes into a mouthwatering, drool-worthy bowl of jambalaya. Before serving out a hearty helping into each bowl, make sure that you taste your dish to make sure you have seasoned it properly. It is very difficult to over season jambalaya because it is rice based – the rice soaks up all of the flavor. Many people fear that they are adding in too much seasoning when in reality, it is not enough! Prior to plating, taste your masterpiece to make sure it is just right and if not, add in a little bit more heat!

Jambalaya is a colorful tasty dish that has been around for decades filling the hungry bellies of millions. There are so many ways to perfect this dish, but we know if you follow our 7 tips, your jambalaya can’t go wrong!  

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