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Color Chemistry

Believe it or not, there is scientific evidence proving that color can impact many different areas of our lives like taste, emotions, smell, and even workplace productivity. With exposure to the right color, creativity and productivity can be fueled where it matters most; your workspace. Now, you may be wondering, what is the “right color”?

Love Desk Mats
Image source: Love Desk Mats

Truthfully, there is no “right color”. As it has been proven, different colors interact with our psyche in different ways. Each color has a different reaction, so each individual should customize their workspace based on the color that best resembles the work that they need to get done.  If you love color, then try a custom desk mat from Love Desk Mats where you can create your own custom design in any color that you like for a quick and easy way to influse a hue into your work or study space.

Be Bold with Blue  

Studies have shown blue to be a color of intellect. It resembles communication, efficiency, trust, and communication. In a workplace that requires focus and concentration, blue is the best color to use as the main scheme. The endless amount of shades of blue can also allow for your creativity to thrive when trying to discover the perfect blue that inspires the most intellect within you. 

Say Yes to Yellow 

The color yellow automatically has the power to remind us of happiness and optimism. Based on studies, it has been discovered that yellow is a very emotional color that represents friendliness, confidence, creativity, and positivity. In workspaces that are meant to emit vibes of readiness, passion, and enthusiasm, opt for yellow accents or even make yellow the feature color that surrounds your environment! 

Go Green 

Green is a color that is extremely powerful. In most cases, it surrounds our entire outside environment. Green has been seen to represent balance, restoration, and harmony within nature and what we see around us. It has been noted that green is a color that human eyes do not need to adjust to, therefore making it a great color to be the focus of a workplace in which one is concentrating for many hours at a time. Furthermore, green is a great color to use when a sense of balance is most necessary. The need for balance is extremely important in a workspace because it reminds us to find harmony in every aspect of our lives, including that which comes with the possible stresses of a workplace environment.  

Choose your Color 

Now that you know the ways in which different colors can motivate different aspects of the workplace, you may be wondering how you can incorporate a combination of colors, or even just one, into your personal space, whether that be at home or in an office setting. If you work from home, a great way to be surrounded by a certain color is to put up wallpaper or even update your walls with a fresh layer of paint in your desired color.

If that idea is not feasible, displaying pictures on your wall or desk that embody the sentiments of certain colors can do the job too. Additionally, with a custom Love Desk Mat, you can create a computer mat that includes those same feelings and colors. Put the power in your hands and create a work setting that encourages the most efficient productivity.

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