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Compulsive Sexual Behavior: Symptoms And Causes

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Also known as hypersexuality, compulsive sexual behavior occurs when an individual gets unable to maintain their sexual behavior. While it may seem fun initially, this issue can affect your ability to focus, manage your relationship, and complete your daily activities.

In this article, we will discuss – 

  • What is compulsive sexual behavior? 
  • What are the common types of compulsive sexual behavior? 
  • How do you prevent this condition? 

So, without making any further ado, let’s get started right away! 

Compulsive Sexual Behavior – A Brief Introduction

According to the APA (American Psychiatric Association), hypersexuality is not considered to be a diagnosable disorder. However, the decision is quite debatable, as this condition can act as a sort of addiction to some extent. 

Does it sound too confusing?

Wait, let us explain a little about it then. 

If you are suffering from compulsive sexual behavior, you’ll experience a constant urge to have sex or perform a sexual act. If you try to resist it, you’ll start feeling extremely agitated and attempt to isolate yourself from society. 

Although it doesn’t affect your health at first, hypersexuality can become pretty prominent later on, especially if left untreated. Due to this reason, you should opt for one of the addiction treatment programs as quickly as possible. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Hypersexuality?

Unlike any other psychological disorder, hypersexuality tends to be pretty prominent from the beginning. If you’re dealing with this problem, you may – 

  • Have an intense and recurrent urge to perform intercourse or think about sexual fantasies, especially when you’re in a crowd.
  • Experience trouble while maintaining and establishing healthy relationships with a single individual. 
  • Have been unsuccessful in trying to lower your urge to have sex or control your sexual fantasies properly. 
  • Feel driven to perform some specific sexual behaviors and feel a sense of stress release afterward.
  • Use your hypersexuality as a port of escape from your regular, stressful life and other problems, such as anxiety or depression. 

So, when should you visit a doctor? 

Well, for that, you will have to ask the following questions to yourself first and see if you can find any positive answers from them. 

  • Are you trying to hide your actual sexual behavior from others? 
  • Can you manage your sexual impulses properly? 
  • Do you feel distressed due to your sexual behaviors? 
  • Is your sexual impulse affecting your relationships or work? 

Seeking assistance for hypersexuality can be challenging, as it’s a pretty personal subject. Nonetheless, if you want to take care of this issue, you will have to – 

  • Set aside your sense of embarrassment or shame. Your focus should be on getting the treatment and nothing else. 
  • Keep in mind that you’re not alone in this journey. Many people go through the same at least once in their lifetime. 
  • Make sure that the doctor is keeping your condition confidential. However, if you’re likely to hurt someone, make sure to let them know about that as well. 

What Is The Cause Of Compulsive Sexual Behavior? 

The issue of compulsive sexual behavior is pretty vague, if we’re being honest. As of now, the doctors have not found out any definite cause of this issue. Nonetheless, your risk of contracting this disorder will increase if – 

  • The balance of your natural brain chemicals has changed. For example, certain enzymes, such as dopamine or serotonin secreted by your brain, can help you regulate your mood. Now, if the organ starts releasing them too extensively, it might lead to mood swings, which is related to hypersexuality. 
  • The pathways of your brain have changed. Compulsive sexual behavior, in essence, can be caused due to periodical changes in your brain’s neural circuits. It can sometimes stimulate your mood and make it more intensive over time. This way, you’ll stop gaining relief or satisfaction, which may initiate hypersexuality in you. 
  • You’re suffering from conditions that affect your brain’s condition. Specific health issues, such as dementia or epilepsy can damage certain parts of the organ and affect your overall sexual behavior altogether. Additionally, the treatment procedure of Parkinson’s Disease can also cause this problem for you. 

Aside from this, the risk of compulsive sexual behavior can also increase due to – 

  • Drug or alcohol abuse problems. 
  • Having a history of sexual or physical abuse. 
  • Going through another mental health condition, like anxiety, depression, etc. 
  • Having family members with the same problem. 

What Are The Complications Of Hypersexuality? 

If not appropriately controlled, hypersexuality can make your life much more complicated than you can think of. Let’s keep reading to find out more about it. 

  • Struggling with guilt, low self-esteem, and guilt. 
  • Developing other psychological conditions, like having suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, and severe distress. 
  • Engaging in unhealthy usage of drug substances, like using recreational stimulants or consuming excessive alcohol. 
  • Accumulating financial debt by purchasing sexual services and pornography. 
  • Lying or neglecting your partner or family members and destroying meaningful relationships with everyone else. 
  • Losing your focus while working or attending an important meeting. 

How To Prevent The Consequences Of Hypersexuality?

Preventing hypersexuality is impossible to some extent, like any other psychological issue. However, you can decrease your risk of contracting this condition by abiding by the following suggestions. 

  • Stop drinking, smoking, or using recreational drugs too often. This way, you can think straight and control your urges to some extent. 
  • If you are suffering from any mental disorder, make sure to seek treatment as early as possible. Otherwise, your symptoms of hypersexuality might be worsened even more. 
  • Avoid risky situations as much as possible. Make sure to avoid going to parties, nightclubs, or any other extreme public places altogether. 


People suffering from compulsive sexual behavior usually experience persistent sexual thoughts almost always. It can, sometimes, interfere with their life, relationships, study, work, and everyday life. In some cases, it can also lead to severe depression and anxiety due to guilt and a sense of embarrassment. 

If you want to improve your relationship and sex life while lowering your impulses, we’ll ask you to visit a psychiatrist today. Hopefully, everything will work out in the best of ways!  

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